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8/2/2005 1:47 pm

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Blogs & Compatibility

I had an account here on AdultFriendFinder in the distant past, one that I actually paid for. But because of problems with chat and e-mail I finally let it expire after about a year.

These blogs are a new addition. I like this blogger. Pretty cool. Easy to use, flexible. I particularly like the way you can go back and edit a post after you've saved it. I always seem to miss errors before I save.

I can't afford it right now but this feature makes it worthwhile.

What would be really cool is if someone could devise some sort of artificial intelligence engine that could read through perspective matches blogs and score them based upon how good of a match they are in terms of personality.

I have in mind looking for things like similar interests, similar outlooks on life, priorities, etc.

A human can extract these things from a blog given enough time. An sufficiently complex artificial intelligence engine should be able to do so much faster.

This would be good for people who are interested in long term relationships as opposed to just getting laid.

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