Holiday buying tips - men's gifts  

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11/26/2005 6:20 am

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Holiday buying tips - men's gifts

Buying gifts for men is not nearly as complicated as it is for women. Follow these simple rules and you should have no problem.

Rule No. 1. Don't buy men socks. Don't buy a man ties. And never buy men bath robes. If God had wanted man to wear bath robes, he wouldn't have invented boxer shorts. If you really want to buy him a robe, Get him one like Hugh Hefner wears, that way he can still walk around the house in his boxers, but he can pretend he's at the Playboy mansion.

Rule No. 2. When in doubt buy him cordless power tools. It doesn't matter what he already has, every man wants more. A friend of mine has 14 cordless screwdrivers and he has yet to complain.

Rule No. 3. Buy him anything with the words ratchet or socket. Men just love saying those words. "I'm going to ratchet this bolt down, could you hand me that 3/8 inch socket".

Rule No. 4. You can always get him a new remote control for the TV. You may never again have a meaningful conversation, but hey, he'll love the remote control.

Rule No. 5. Men enjoy danger. That's why they will barbecue, but not cook. Get him a monster barbecue with 100 pound propane tank. Then tell him you smell gas, maybe the gas line leaks. "Oh, the challenge, oh, the thrill, who wants a steak?"

Rule No. 6. Buy men a hand held label maker, before you know it there will be labels everywhere. There will be labels on all the drawers throughout the house, labels in the kitchen, labels in the garage, labels in the bedroom, labels in the living room, labels everywhere.

Rule No. 7. Men love chainsaws. Never, ever, buy a man a chainsaw. If you don't know why, please refer back to rule No. 6 and review what happens when he gets a label maker.

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