Live, from beautiful, sunny California!  

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6/24/2006 12:30 pm

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Live, from beautiful, sunny California!

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I have arrived in Califorina and all is quite well!

My traveling companion is at a conference 'field trip' today, so I am catching up on the 'net for a while before venturing out to explore on My own. The weather is nice, but strange. I'd read this would be true [due to mountains versus water], but it was about 90 degrees in San Jose yesterday, but when We went to San Francisco, it got REALLY cold and VERY foggy and SUPER windy at night! I am SO glad I brought My new knitted shawl! Thank You, Mom! It was perfect!

My flights were fine, very smoothe actually. No problems along the way. I would fly Frontier again, nice planes and staff. SO small seating areas though! I don't know how tall or larger people do it. I am only 4'11" and I was cramped. I did miss My friend Bri in Denver though. My cell phone died in the airport and We didn't have time to go through security again. I had an incredibly LENGTHY security experience at the Indianapolis airport. Way, way, way more than usual...even for Me, and I had the sense to leave My weapons and drugs at home. Le sigh...I had to remove My shoes [very sexy new patent stilettos with a silver buckle on the vamp] and remain barefoot on public floors for about 15 minutes [Ick!], remove ALL of My jewelry [and I am pierced a lot], they went all through My knee-length dreadlocks three times, they put on rubber gloves and felt up every single part of My body three times, and they 'wanded' Me repeatedly. I have so much metal in My life! Yeah, like a terrorist is going to dress like Me! I'm the best person to have on your plane...I would kick so much ass if someone tried to crash My plane with a boxcutter or anything similar. No amount of boxcutter wounds would make Me back down and let someone crash My plane. I am evil when provoked and extremely well-trained and skilled in how to cause pain.

Enjoy these photos of the mountains We flew over. I had no idea how long the mountains go on for. Basically from Denver to the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful! All photos taken with My new Nikon digital camera.

So, the jaunt out here after that went well. I enjoyed using the one piece of new luggage that showed up in time [Well done, galahad, My boy!], but the other two pieces did not arrive before I left. Ah well...

We went to do the '49 Mile Drive' in San Francisco after We arrived and got the hotel dealt with. It's a scenic route throughout the city with supposedly easy to follow signage along the way. Sorta. We found the beginning and followed along for many turns throughout the city, enjoying it all a lot, and then lost the trail. So We decided to head to something that caught Our eye, the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. Up very high, We lucked out and found a parking space at the top so We didn't have climb all those steps. We rode this rickety elevator to the top of the tower for some really good views. Very windy, and getting foggy, so I still haven't seen the Golden Gate Bridge. Then We ate at a small, and I think authentic, Italian bistro in North Beach. It was very good!

We then headed to meet friends who used to live in Indiana. Lots of walking as parking in any urban area is a bitch. It felt good to walk after sitting on the plane for so long. The hills are STEEP. I had my foot on my imaginary brake pedal the whole time in San Francisco. I will say, My friend is a very good driver, even in rush-hour, and in a city that is built like this one.

Our Hoosier friends live on Haight, two blocks from Ashbury. Very nice apartment on the second floor with a balcony so we could watch the homeless people get rowdy. It was late on a Friday night. This city has more overtly homeless-looking people than anywhere I've been, and that's saying something. I dunno if they are all homeless, but I saw a lot of people pushing shopping carts full of crap. On Haight I noticed punk beggars, what We all call 'gutter punks', and those kids are usually not homeless, just scamming tourists for money. I laughed at them when they begged from Me and they laughed back with understanding. Nobody who can afford that many tattoos is broke enough to beg. So, I can't tell how serious the homeless problem is, or if it's more scammers.

Today I am going to make My way to San Jose's Chinatown and Japantown areas to shop. If I find a lot, I'll ship it to Indiana rather than transport it on the train back. We drove through the same type of area in San Francisco, but I don't have the rental car today to go back and I'm in the shopping moord! The rental car has a GPS system, which has been very, very helpful.

I'm not sure what we're doing tonight!

The hotel has wi-fi, but My e-mail is not working here. Use Yahoo! Messenger [ID: MistressMoth], or the 'comment' functions here, to contact Me until July 2nd.

It's 10.20a and 68 degrees. Off to have some fun!

~ The Mistress Moth...

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