The Calling, version #2  

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1/31/2006 11:32 am

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The Calling, version #2

This one uses the same theme, but the wording is different. I just wanted to see how they would read out.

She walks into my bedroom
I have tingles all inside,
I kiss her lip
as her fingers graze my side.

I put my hand on the back of her neck
As she quietly lets out a sigh,
I lay on the bed
as she shifts her head,
Touching her fingertips to my inner thigh.

Slowly kissing up my stomach
My heart skips a beat,
With her shirt on the floor
I’m looking at her begging for more,

On top of me, she puts her hands to the bed
And grinds her hips onto my head,
We breathe in heavy
keeping the rhythm steady
our bodies slowly start to get sweaty.

Her hands are on my thighs, her back is arching
As I brace the sheets and bite my lip,
I let out a scream
As she pleasures me,
Sweat dripping, hip to hip.

The temperatures rising
As she begins to pick up speed,
My body goes numb
And I begin to cum

Breathing hard, looking face to face
And as we lay side by side
the look of wanting more has taken its' place
as I turn her over and say, Now it's my turn to ride.

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