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1/31/2006 9:01 am

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Off today

Well, I've had a productive morning. I was inspired from a very nice sexual thought laying in bed to post it. I sent a few emails to family and now just gearing up for the remainder of the day.

I'm showered, dressed and ready today (ok, ok, no comments about being a prune) Since I've promised myself I'd start taking more time for myself and enjoying life more this is what I'm doing.

So, I've decided I'm going shopping for myself. I have a few trips planned, so what better reason to update clothing. Ok, ladies, don't fall out of your chair. But for me I enjoy it. Well at least when I know what I want. Now either will people call me lazy or smart, but I prefer a personal shopper. God knows my tastes are conservative, but I do like one thing. Quality. Fads don't impress me when it comes to style and I refuse to be a clone dictated by the designers. Anyone working within the Corporate world fully understands what I'm referring to.

Ladies, how do you like your men dressed?

Men, how do you like to dress for your ladies?

So I am off with a few things in mind. I've already made a late lunch and later dinner date with friends. Finally, here it is January 31st, I'm in Chicago and it's almost 40 out, that's reason enough.

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