The first after X  

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11/6/2005 1:33 pm

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The first after X

I met Emily at match dot com. She had dyed red hair, thin and of varying lengths, mostly between ear and shoulder length. Her eyes were dark brown and she wore blue eye shadow. She had a unique smell, almost like old leather or a musty attic. It wasn't unpleasant, but I'm not sure I liked it. It might have been the hair dye I was smelling. Her face seemed a little wrinkled, strained beyond her age ( 28 ). Her breasts were medium-large, much larger than X's. The right was significantly larger than the rest, and this would be more or less apparent depending on her position. She loved to have them licked, squeezed and sucked. Unlike X, she had no problem with me licking her nipples, and in fact would press my mouth down over them.

An accident at age 9 left Emily without a voice. She uses a voice box to communicate (a keyboard with a small LCD screen and text-to-speech functionality). When she came over I saw that there were other effects too. She had a hard time walking, and couldn't do much with her left arm.

I don't have a disability fetish, but I'd unintentionally been kind of a dick to Emily, and she wasn't bad looking and was definitely eager, so I let her stay.

After some brief touching through our clothes on the couch, we headed to the bedroom. Other than not talking, she was pretty normal once we got horizontal. She had me start with my tongue. I went over her chest, admiring the purple rose tattooed on the upper inside part of her left breast. I passed briefly over her belly. She had a nice naval piercing, but there was also an odd scar there, almost like a second belly button.

Her pussy was fairly protruded, with very open and full lips. I could get my tongue on her clit without even holding them back. Her pussy was also much fuller and softer in general than X's. Her inner lips were large and extended beyond the outer ones. It was almost too easy to lick. Her clit was so large and exposed that finding it wasn't an adventure or challenge like it had always been with X. Not that I didn't like it. Emily has a nice pussy, I just think that I like X's better.

Since she had no voice, it was hard to tell what Emily wanted me to do, but her body would tell me to some degree. The tensing of her legs, the wrinkling between her eyebrows as she came (just like X), and the way she would open her mouth and lift her head all let me know when I was doing something right. I have no idea how many times she came, but I think it was a lot.

When my mouth started getting tired I grabbed a condom and went at her with that. I must not have been completely comfortable, because it took a while for me to cum. We switched around into a few positions, but I ended up cumming when we were in missionary with her legs up. She was pretty flexible, so this was an easy position for us.

I tried to rest next to her a bit, but Emily just wanted to keep going. Finally I licked her again for what seemed like an hour, and then got another condom. This time she wanted it from behind, which gave me a nice view of the flowery vine tattoo on her lower back. Doing that position with X, I'd always had her thighs spread wide and mine inside hers, but Emily wanted her knees together. This seemed to work fine, but I think her pussy protrudes a lot more than X's, though X was rail thin.

That position was pretty nice for us both. Afterwards, we watched a movie. Emily had sort of invited herself to spend the night, which didn't bother me before, but as I felt more tired and ready for sleep, it made me a little uneasy. I'd been sleeping alone since X left at the beginning of July, and I wasn't sure I was ready to sleep next to someone else yet.

I said something about "did you want to go home or stay" and Emily indicated that she would stay. I didn't have the heart to make her leave, and I knew there'd be more action in it for me in the morning, so I let her stay.

She did what X used to do sometimes, curled up so close to me and kept scooting closer until I had barely any space on the bed. She wasn't as bad as X sometimes got though, and I did have enough room to sleep comfortably.

When we woke, Emily started grabbing my balls and cock. I touched her pussy a little. She was clearly excited. I've never really liked receiving oral sex, but Emily had said that she was very good at it. I told her she could try if she wanted to, and she did. It felt fairly good, but she didn't seem to be trying too hard. I didn't get anywhere near to cumming before she quit, and it may have been the lack of a quick reaction on my part that made her stop. Or perhaps she was just wanting something for herself, because she immediately mounted me and started rubbing her clit over my penis.

She still had her black lace underwear on and when she stopped to remove it I ran for another condom. I'd barely gotten that on and lubed up when she started the rubbing again. I tried to get inside her, but it was an awkward position. She was sitting too far up on my belly, so I could get my penis in, but when she slid forward it would pop out. I finally got her to move down some and give me a straight shot.

I think she came once or twice like this, but it wasn't doing a whole lot for me, so I had her dismount and lie on her belly. I'd done this position with X and figured Emily might like it. I raised her hips a bit and poked myself inside her, then we lowered to the bed together and I moved gently in and out. As the pace quickened, I lifted myself above her a little and, holding myself still, bounced her on the bed so she was really ramming up and down on my cock.

This always made X go crazy, and Emily seemed to love it as well. A few minutes of that is all I can manage before getting tired, but I did have a killer orgasm just before I had to stop.

I tried to rest, but Emily pushed me back down. Her pussy tasted like the bitter lubricant, which we hadn't used before I licked her previously. I always hated that taste, but it wasn't too strong and I was able to lick it away quickly. Emily was getting really into it now. She likes it hard, and I got to the point where I was pressing as hard as I could with my neck and tongue but she was still pushing me harder with her hand. X had never wanted it that hard, but as long as I could keep up the pressure Emily seemed to be in Nirvana. Again, I have no idea how many times she came, but it seemed like at least a few.

As I became more exhausted, I tried to stop but she wouldn't let me. Knowing how horny she was turned me on a bit mentally, though I was completely done physically. I managed to continue for another while (maybe 15 or 20 minutes, but I lose all concept of time when I've got a pussy in my mouth), but finally had to stop, and Emily let me this time.

I said we should eat, and Emily agreed so we dressed a little and got some cereal (she wanted lucky charms). After eating I sat on the couch and she quickly sat on top of me. I was just too tired. It was about 11am by this point, and I was beginning to sense that Emily was treating this as more than just sex. It was time for her to go.

I had no idea how to ask her to leave, but I finally managed to convince her that I really wasn't going to be able to screw her again. She had said she wanted it four times, with the last time being after breakfast, but I was exhausted and all that pussy licking had to count for something.

I think what finally did it was when I asked her if she wanted me to help her get dressed. She seemed very slightly peeved, but not mad and she did smile and kiss me a few times as she was leaving. I don't think I hurt her feelings, but I do worry that she thinks we're more than just acquaintances getting laid.

Another woman is coming over this evening. Hopefully I will be back up to speed by then. I'm anxious to see what she will be like. It should be easier to communicate at least.

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