How I Will Dominate You  

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1/7/2006 10:07 pm

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How I Will Dominate You

To My Dearest Subservient,

If we get together I think I would start by sitting on the bed and making you undress very slowly in front of me. By the time I stand up to kiss you there will definitely be a bulge in my pants which I will press against you as I pull you in towards me. I like to feel a woman's nipples against my chest and run my hands up and down her body as I am kissing her, pausing occasionally to gently squeeze a breast or buttock.

The first kiss is always interesting because I have two tongue piercings and most people have never kissed a man with a tongue like mine before. You will probably be curious and want to feel the jewelry with your tongue as we kiss. I won't let you play for very long before I push you back onto my bed though.

As you lie there, moderately aroused and itching for more, I will unceremoniously remove my shirt and then my pants. There won't be any underwear to remove, but my socks will stay on. A man has to maintain some degree of modesty after all. I'm not extremely muscular, but you will definitely enjoy seeing my toned body and your desire will become more urgent.

I climb up from the foot of the bed, admiring every inch of you as I pass over on my way to your beautiful face. Very gently I kiss you, first on the lips then on your forehead and temple. Next I suck on your earlobe briefly before kissing, sucking and licking my way down your neck and onto your shoulder. From there I work my way towards the center of your chest, planting a quick, firm kiss on your chin before beginning my decent.

Your breasts are warm and soft but with a resilience that pulls them back into place after I disturb them with my lips, fingers or nose. Once your nipples are fully hard and almost too sensitive, I move down onto your belly, running my tongue around and finally into your navel.

I am going to lick you to orgasm. But first I will penetrate you. My cock burns with desire and begins to get even stiffer. More lustfully now, I grab your hips and pull you towards my mouth. I suck, but don't bite, just above your clit, and then run my tongue up and down the inside of each thigh. Now you are beginning to get wet. I push back your pussy lips to observe my target and see the moisture there.

I am going to lick you to orgasm, but only after I cum within you. Lubricant tastes horrid, so we'll need to get you a little wetter before we proceed. I slide back up next to you on the bed and wrap my lips around one of your breasts, sucking gently and swirling around the nipple with the tip of my tongue. Now my arm is free to wander below.

I run a finger quickly down and back up your pussy, bringing the tip to rest directly above your clit. There I press in, massaging gently in a circular pattern. You gasp and I take my lips from your breast to kiss you firmly on the lips, letting my tongue linger longer within your welcoming mouth this time.

You are getting more excited; I can feel your clit enlarging beneath my finger. You are quite wet now. I slide my finger partially into you and then pull it out and press my thumb between your pussy lips. My wet finger and thumb pinch your clit, rolling it side to side, forwards and backwards.

After a few minutes, my fingers are moving faster and the muscles in my arm begin to stand out. You look into my deep blue eyes and then gasp again, close your eyes and begin to orgasm. Your breasts jiggle sensuously as you arch your back and press your hips up and down, waves of pleasure wash over you.

Relaxing back onto the bed, you look at me again. I touch the tip of my nose against yours and look back into your eyes, feeling your rapid breath tickling my lips. Then I move my hands onto your shoulders and, pressing you down into the mattress, lift my head from yours and straddle you with my legs.

Glancing down past the gentle outline of my tensed abdominal muscles, you see my partially erect cock pointing towards your wet crotch. I kiss you and lower my penis between your thighs, rubbing it firmly against your tender flesh and enjoying the cool sensation as it becomes moist.

It stiffens further, standing more erect and I bring my hips lower to keep it lingering between your thighs. Soon I am almost fully hard and I can bear to tease no longer. The head finds silky warmth between your lips and I push it quickly within. You let out a small cry of pleasure and surprise.

I suck your lower lip and slide in and out of you, quickening as my already firm penis enlarges more and solidifies to rock. You are very hot and wet now. My thighs, abs, pecs, shoulders and arms all flex visibly as I drive further into you, on the verge of orgasm.

Your body tenses as well. We begin to cum together, your back arcing forward this time, bringing your head up and your mouth onto my chest. You suck and moan as I thrust deeper, feeling pleasantly lightheaded as my ejaculate pulses out of me in euphoric bursts.

Completely spent, I lower my body upon you. The warmth of my fatigued muscles envelopes you in a cozy embrace. Together we begin to lose ourselves in the post-orgasm high. I squeeze you tighter beneath me and you gently kiss my neck.

Remembering my prior intent, I rub my cheek against yours and begin sliding my body down over you. You kiss my forehead as I move lower, squeezing your breasts tightly this time and licking playfully at your abdomen.

Your crotch is ablaze with your recent ecstasy and your wet thighs moisten my cheeks as I lash my tongue sideways across your clit. Then, backing off a bit, I glide around your pussy with the tip of my tongue, darting briefly over each thigh and dropping below to lick the moisture from the bottom curve of each butt cheek.

You put your hands on my head and begin to sit up. I push you back down and press my tongue firmly this time over your clit. The upper balls of my piercings squeeze you from the sides and slowly I begin to slide my tongue up and down. The balls squeeze you each time they pass and soon your excitement begins to climb again.

I pinch your clit with my lips and flick it with the tip of my tongue before beginning to massage it with the bottom of my tongue. The lower balls of my piercings, along with the two veins that run up and down the tongue, form a ribbed surface that sends tingling waves up your spine and down your legs with every pass.

You are very hot and wet and you cum quite easily this time. Your thighs clamp onto my head and you begin to rock your hips from side to side. I grab you firmly with my hands and hold you still while I continue licking. As your orgasm recedes, the muscles of your thighs relax and they drop onto my shoulders, then fall on to the bed beside me.

With pleasure I survey the results of my work. You lie before me utterly exhausted, your legs skewed out and your head dropped to the side as if in death. Your breath is deep and slow, your eyes half closed. Your body rests completely at ease, not a single muscle is taut. Your eyelids slowly fall down over your eyes. But for the slow rise and fall of your breasts you could be a sculptural masterpiece, the casting that broke the mold.

I recline beside you, lying an arm over your perfect body very gently so as not to rouse you. For a moment I reflect on the joys we had shared, contemplate what else I would like to do with you and then succumb to the whirlpool pulling me gently into my own sea of dreams.

And for all you perverts who are thinking way too hard about this, yes I was wearing a condom and no, I do not like eating my own cum. Geez, you made me say it!

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