TheLastNiceGuy4U 42M
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6/25/2005 5:10 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I don't know-hoping I'm not the only guy here having a hard time getting the ladies to talk to me. I can't imagine how anyone meets on here! I'm still hopeful though. Not giving up yet!

rm_gusd2 67M

6/25/2005 6:01 am

I have a lot of life experiences to offer these gals..but I think most are masterbating cyber-bunnies on a power your time buddy & check out your local massage parlor..

bigd12122 32M

6/25/2005 7:21 am

maybe if u had a bigger dick they would want to meet you

rm_txrose4uNTX 57F
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6/25/2005 10:01 am

Awww... don't give up quite yet. The probably may be that you are in Vermont. While I know that the population is growing there, it is nothing like many of the other states. Be sure to keep your options geographically wise....

Best of luck....and keep blogging!!

007sexy40plus 51F  
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6/25/2005 10:09 am

Perhaps you are looking for the wrong type of woman, not everyone will be compatible to you nor will you be compatible to them. I have said it before seeing the right woman is a process, it takes time. If you are looking to just get laid then perhaps that's why you haven't found anyone. Use a good approach when trying to talk, there are real people here. But no one likes men who don't think before speaking.

side bar* gus, im not a masturbating cyber bunny, and i'm certainly not on a power trip. I am real and I have met some real people here.
sorry for getting off track..

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

rm_jayR63 59F
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6/25/2005 11:23 am

Now i've seen it all.
Two dicks having a conversation.

Nice guy -get rid of the dick shot. That might help.
Mr. Gus, your problem may be due to an all-around bad attitude.
The women on this site are not all "masterbating[sic]cyber-bunnies on a power trip". Most of us, as evidenced here, are quite intelligent and don't care to be compared to prostitutes at a massage parlor.
Thank you for your time and attention

rm_jayR63 59F
1884 posts
6/25/2005 11:26 am

Oh, I forgot to mention use of the word "gals".
IMHO nothing makes a man sound like an old fart then calling women "gals"

bendmeover2574 42F
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7/12/2005 7:57 pm

LOL a mix of responses. I probably should get rid of the pic, suppose having no pic is better than what I am showing? I can't post a face pic due to my job-they would frown on that.
bigd, guy, I wonder if that's really your dick? I don't think I'd want a woman who would turn me down because of my size.
Not looking for just a good time, either.

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