Fantasia Eroticus (Dedicated to the Women of AFF)  

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5/24/2005 7:27 am

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Fantasia Eroticus (Dedicated to the Women of AFF)


It is midday, and both of us have arranged to take a long lunch from work. We meet at your place, both of us at the height of arousal. You start to speak, but I bring a finger to your mouth, urging your silence. You take the tip of my finger in your steamy mouth, swirling your tongue around it and then abruptly swallowing the length of it. You begin to bob your head up and down my finger.

I pull you back, looking deep into your eyes, knowing the erotic delights that I am about to bestow on you. We have only exchanged a few e-mails and a photo or two. For all practical purposes we are absolute strangers. That fact heightens the arousal in both of us; we hardly know each other and yet we are willing to surrender our bodies to each other without hesitation! We trust one another to take us to unimagined erotic ecstasies!

We slowly undress one another, taking the time to appreciate what each of us has to offer to the other. We stand naked before each other, feeling a sense of gratitude and anticipation. Our hands begin to stroke each other’s body, pausing in all the strategic places to fully absorb their magnificence. Soon we are dragging our tongues on each other’s bodies, touching and probing both the other as well as ourselves. We both revel in the fact that we are confident enough to touch ourselves in front of our partner!

You feel the heat coming from my thick, long, rock-hard cock. I feel the warmth and moisture that is quickly forming between your legs. The search for the perfect erotic lover is over and the time has come to drive one another to new heights in pleasure!

I push you back onto the bed, arranging several pillows under your hips, so that your pussy is up high. I arrange you so that I am able to kneel at the end of the bed and gain perfect access between your legs! I part your legs and hold my mouth over your abdomen, not yet making contact. I bring my fingers to your mouth for you to lick and suck briefly. Using your saliva, I begin to massage your boobs, working my way inward with ever tightening circles. Soon I am at the edge of your now-erect nipples, running my fingers in circles around the very edges of them. I slowly bring each nipple between thumb and forefinger, gently applying pressure to them, taking you to that fine line between pain and pleasure. I begin to tug up on your nipples and then inward and outward, making both of your boobs bounce up and down and quiver! You let out a slight moan and part your legs further. Looking down, I can see your love juices begin to form on the edges of your pussy lips.

I take your hands in mine, and bring your fingers to your mouth. You lick and suck them, and then I bring them down to your breasts. Silently, I urge you to play with your boobs and nipples, much the same way as I was just moments prior. You begin to massage your breasts, kneading your nipples and tugging on the up and down, in and out. You pleasure your breasts, taking yourself to the brink of pain, but not quite there. In the meantime, your hips still elevated by several pillows under you, I pull your calves up high. I begin at your ankle, kissing and licking up towards your knee and then to the inside of your thigh. As I get to the very top of your thigh, just to the edge of your pubic patch, I stop. You moan in protest, but I instead return to your other leg, beginning to lick and kiss that ankle. I proceed with my tongue and lips up your calf, around your knee, and up the inside of your thigh. Once again I pause at the edge of your pubic patch.

You stare at me in anticipation of where my tongue and lips will go next. I tell you that you must show me how badly you want my mouth on your pussy by working your tits harder and harder. You begin to pinch the nipples between you fingers, pulling them up until your boobs are pointed straight up in the air. You release your swollen nipples and cup your breasts, jiggling them up and down for me. Finally, you begin tugging your nipples up and down furiously, making your breasts bounce all over. As you give each of your nipples a firm jerk up, you beg me to eat you!


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