Ouch! The pain!  

TheDodger8 45M
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7/13/2005 7:57 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ouch! The pain!

As I was taking this pic I was kind of hesitant.... I wasn't sure if a big giant purple mark was something I should post...but ..it is my blog..so there. Before I edited the pic I it showed my ass... and to be honest.. I never really looked at my own ass before. I quickly realized... DAMN! I have a great ass! I mean...if I were a woman, I would be all over...er..me.

Anyway.. wanna know what happened to me? Cuz I know your all very concerned for my well being. LOL

It was raining very hard outside and I was running to my truck. Now being the ninja that I am... I can run quick... like the cheetah. I must have been doing around 90 or so, and the cobblestones were not prepared for someone running at that super speed... I took a corner and my shoe didn't. (stupid shoe!) Down goes TheDodger....it was not pretty. The noise was deafening....cars stopped....windows shattered....people jumped....small children screamed.... a cow even mooed. As I hit the ground I must have slid 600 yards or so on the cobblestones. THE PAIN! ... I laid there for a moment, wishing for death, but then...I remembered all the ladies of this website who would surely miss me....and I got up, and made it to safety. Alive, but battered... I gave a big middle finger to the cobblestone driveway.... and that ladies and gents... is how I got the giant purple mark all down the side of my thigh.

Ladies.. it is very tender...so be careful when you.... <censored>

The moral of this story?... don't run on cobblestones while thinking of Xmatch/AdultFriendFinder girls in bikini's.

warning...parts of this story may have been exagerated.

Ana_6973 43F

7/13/2005 10:01 pm

Poor Dodger. Do you need someone to kiss it and make it better?

~~"I can scream as loud as your last one, but I can't claim innocence."~~

1playfulgal 39F
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7/13/2005 11:23 pm

Damn...that looks like it hurts...

Thanks for the laugh...i scared the crap out of my dog...when i almost fell off my chair from reading your post...

kisses...among other things...

sexyeyes375 47F

7/15/2005 8:34 pm

thanks for thinking of us.. I'm glad you made it.. would have liked to see the whole pic, though... kisses for your oowie

TheDodger8 45M

7/16/2005 6:56 pm

I am starting to think something else is hurting..... *BIGgiantGRIN*

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