No Water. Grrrr...  

TheDodger8 45M
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8/22/2005 5:15 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

No Water. Grrrr...

When I got home from work tonight I discovered the water to my area has been shut off. I need a shower sooo fucking bad I can't stand it. I have been outside sweating all day.. I feel so gross. Eww. All I want is a quick shower... someone come wash me down! Please!!!!!

Ok.. I might just go jump in the pool.. lol.

The good news is I saw them working on it ... a big hole in the ground outside ...tractors..etc... but it is getting dark... I think they might just leave till tomorrow. I can't sleep like this... LOL I might have to get a wash cloth and towell and head to Mcdonalds bathroom or something LOL.

AtomicKisss 58M

8/22/2005 8:01 pm

Been there. In fact, I have been so desperate that I have gone to a hotel.

FunandFrisky79 41M/37F

8/22/2005 8:40 pm

You can come to my place, Dodger! I'll give you a good scrubbing since you're such a dirty boy! And, maybe a wet, hot tongue bath for dessert??

Are you up for it??


TheDodger8 45M

8/23/2005 4:37 pm

I am sooo up for it F&F... somehow I think the sight of you would just make me dirtier.

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