Motorcycle decisions..  

TheDodger8 45M
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6/24/2005 7:49 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Motorcycle decisions..

First.. it is nice to be on vacation and do absolutely nothing.. heh I just woke up and it is 11....I'd be proud of the fact if I got up so late cuz of a wild night of sex.. but unfortunatly, thats not the case. I am just to lazy to move.

Anyway, I took my bike out for a ride yesterday and after a couple hours I decided I have to trade it in. Currently I have crotch rocket..(thats a sportbike in cycle language)..see pic. The girls love it, cuz of the color and it looks cool...but the damn thing is killing my neck, and wrist after a long ride. I am thinking of getting some sort of cruiser...maybe a Harley.. I donno.

I'm still tierd..maybe I'll go back to Ok I'm babbling...

MandaxNxScott 35M/33F
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7/12/2005 5:12 am

GET A HARLEY!!!!!! GIRLS LOVE EM EVEN MORE!!!!....nothin like a feeling on the back of a real bike..hehe

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