Last night's results  

TheBeerMan2005 55M
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7/2/2006 2:23 am
Last night's results

Well, last night was interesting that’s for sure! I figured the guys would want to go out and play darts like they had talked about earlier last week. I couldn’t have been any further than the truth. By the time I got to the Itaewon station I had called and confirmed that none of them were coming out, so I called a lady that was interested in joining the dart league to see if she was coming out or not. Lucky for me the same thing had happened to her, so she said she would meet me around 10 PM and to send her a text message saying where I would be. I ended up at Geckos throwing darts with a player from one of the other teams. My goodness, talk about T&A at that place!

She arrived and ordered a beer and we threw one leg of a game. The place was way too loud and much too hot and humid, so we decided to find a better place to throw. First stop was at Seoul Pub, we were in luck because no one was playing darts and there was plenty of room. The best part is the window was open and it had a nice breeze coming in. We had a good time throwing darts and before you know it, it was almost midnight. Oh, yeah! We had to find another place to throw because they were going to show a World Cup game so they were going to kill our dart lights, go figure!

This time we ended up at Nashville. One of the two boards was open, so that was fine with me. After a while, the pool table had only a couple of players; man and wife, so I asked if they minded playing a game of partner pool. This guy was something else. It wasn’t long into playing pool when he wants to start shooting balls and betting clothes if he made it or not. He talked about how his wife and him were always doing this. I’m saying it isn’t a good idea because my dart team plays out of this bar and I don’t want any trouble from the management.

So, anyway, he assumes the lady I’m with is my wife and he continues to talk about getting undressed. As time goes on and he flirts with her, I’m talking to his wife over the table with a lot of subtext in what I’m saying. Before you know when I get a chance to I’m kissing her while he is flirting with my “wife”. Before we leave to go to the next place I’m able to get her email address, it seems he doesn’t let her have a phone. Gee, I wonder why!

Now, we are headed up the Hill to Polly’s Kettle or thereabouts. On the way there his guy friend kinda disappeared. After dancing a little bit, he says “we’ve got to find my friend.” I’m like, “okay.” Yeah, like he was really interested in finding his friend. He pops his head into several of those notorious places on the hill saying his looking for his friend. He finally lands us in a spot that had two ladies working, both with bodacious tattaas. Hell, he’s got one ladies breast in hand before he even has ordered a beer. Needless to say the cost of the beer wasn’t cheap and he wasn’t satisfied with the price it would cost for their drinks so we went back up to where his wife and my friend were. Before leaving I talked to one of the ladies because I am almost positive I’ve seen her pic on adultfriendfinders listing. I’ve got to check that out next and I also need to email his wife, hehehe. I wonder where that will lead

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