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6/13/2006 8:49 pm

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Kitty's Poetry Corner

Well hello, welcome. Today I was really really bored at work so I wrote some poetry. Some of it's okay, some kinda sucks, and some isn't quite finished yet, but I thought I'd share it since it's been so long since I've posted. Also any help with titles would be appreciated

Untitled #1

Darkness closes in
Your fate left undetermined
Destiny laughing in your face
From the day you were born you start to die
Growing weaker with age not stronger
Slowly decaying with the ticking of the clock
Every day bringing you closer to the inevitable
Until the clock stops


Untitled #2

Empty and alone I search
Seeking out something to fill this void
Searching through the deserted streets of my life
Finding no answers to ease my pain
Black rivers of dispair wash over my fragile mind
Drowning in my own thoughts
Pulling myself deeper into this churning cauldren of dread
Fear invades my dreams
Holding me hostage insde my head
Bloody and bruised I beat myself against these steel bars
Finding no escape from my rage
Crying and alone I hold myself hostage
Refusing to pay the ransom

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