I wonder....  

Thangz 44F
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1/1/2006 9:33 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I wonder....

I wonder are there REALLY men in this site that want to find the love of their lives? Or are they all in it to get laid? .. There are so many I have met for coffee in even such a short time .. or that I have added and now blocked and deleted from msn messenger ... (yes if you used to see me and dont now you are removed) ... Usually they get removed as they are rude or just simply dont talk to me, so why watch them sign in and out on a daily basis for nothing.

Met someone new from this site last nite and sat and had a drink with him. Wonderful person inside and out. Reminds me that there are good ones in this world ..... they are just few and far between.

As for those that just want to get laid? .. We are women and deserve the respect of being TOLD that. Dont ask me for a coffee and when I dont want to sleep with you just "disappear" or "think we wont fit as a couple" all of the sudden ... Try and remember to think about the other person and perhaps we can all make it through this melee they call life .........

rm_iamadjc 61M
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1/2/2006 2:52 pm

yes there are me for 1 just a regular guy who wants the simple things in life. gave up the ratrace 4 years ago moved to merritt to slow life down. was a workaholic now wants to be able to have a good woman to pamper as i i cook clean and not afraid to show my feelings. survived a headon collision 10 years ago and realized that life is too short for not spending time with those special people. worked two jobs 1 as a dj and the other as a owner operator for greyhound.was married and due to being a workaholic well you can figure the rest out

sensualtouches3 45M

1/27/2006 10:26 pm

I know it may sound arrogant in the extreme to label yourself with such good qualities....

but I am one such 'good man'.

Yes, I would far rather be in it for the long-term. I am the kind to devote myself utterly to that special woman.

Having just done that, and lost completely..... Well, now I'm just looking to take my time, gather up the broken pieces, and heal. So, if that means that I'm a bit 'casual' about relationships for a while, then so be it.

I could be serious about the relationship, and then inflict my pain and baggage on the poor woman. It's there. It WILL happen.

Or, I'm casual. I take my time. I don't allow for the relationship to go to that point. I make it clear from the beginning EXACTLY where I stand, and what I hope for. That way, my pain doesn't impact her as greatly, and my baggage simply is never picked up.

After a period of time (a few months), then I'll be ready to try again. To find a woman to give myself to, in all ways.

Question is: is she willing to be patient for that bit of time, and build the other parts of the relationship?

stov62 54M
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2/3/2006 2:53 am

Again, I find your comments interesting and do note that you have experienced quite a bit for only having been on for such a short time... perhaps you are rushing things? I mean, I too, have only just posted to this site and have yet to meet one member (cyber or otherwise), partially by choice, partially due to sporadically signing in. I have joined the chat a few times but became quite bored very quickly, bummer I guess. In any event, I do enjoy your blog and do look forward to more insights. Thnx


(Cat )

5/4/2006 8:05 pm

Question here...I've read your blogs and applaud you on how indepth and thoughtful they are...and the biggest question in my mind remains....why are you here? this site is "The World's Largest Sex & Swinger Personals Community" and they are very upfront about it...so if you are looking for 'more' in your encounters and that is a-okay...you would do better on a dating/relationships site, don't you think?
this may be why the guys that contact you are expecting sex and such...
I am on this site for a reason...and know perfectly well the types that will contact me...'relationship' is not my destination...should it ever happen...well, wonderful...but I am perfectly fine with purely physical encounters/friendships of a sexual nature...and 98% of the people on here are seeking the same....

Just a thought
XXX Cat aka Ms. CaTTiTude

louboy69 81M
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5/5/2006 7:29 am

JUST THINK FOR A MINUTE OR MORE..Any relationship.Always always a question in the back of the mind..What a I doing?? Do I falling in love again??Or did I fall in love..Is it perfect this is what I want is it realy platonic or just a qickie..Being a man always looking over the fence is it greener pasture,or just a paint job..Man always want more always the law of nature.Woomen to tease men to get it..Oh sweet revenge..Woomen want to be pampered,loved,kissed..Then that GREADY COCK takes over the must have,get it get it screams..Now its over..Now what??Another fence an other paintjob..Now don't say its not how it is..You can get married to the nicest looking,the best woomen..Just one look of an other wictim,,NICE ROUND ASS,BENT OVER WOOMEN WITH A NICE ASS,SOMETIME PANTIES,NICE BOOBS,BIG BOOBS,SHARP NIPPLES,NOW THE COCK'S BRAIN TAKES OVER..Even a panty line showing thru could be an exciting adition.That is the man's,married or not got totaly lost..GO GET IT BOY...GO FOR IT.HEHEHEHE.YUM YUM..For a short fling for a honest.lovely love making is the best,cure for both..Don't get atached,just give all the love You got give the best,enjoy,enjoy,come again again..Now that is nice..Then You go home and kiss Your wife,and love her too..
Now what is the problem???Life is short,get the best of it, and as much as you can.. CIAO........FOR NOW...LOVE You ALL LADIES,LOVE TO MEET YOU ALL,FOR HAPPY TIMES..

louboy69 81M
102 posts
5/9/2006 7:45 am

Aybody ever read all this nonsense..It seems there is no pearson on the other end,or scared to admit or say anything at all...
Hey open up..Speak,write,sing, dance,what ever just show You alive and well..Or CAT got Your ...:- Nice tought and wish full...hehehe.
Speak UP...........!!!!!!!!!!CIAO........LOU.

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