You Think You're Tough?  

ThaRealLiv 43M
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6/2/2006 9:44 pm
You Think You're Tough?

As I write this, and sit and watch tha UFC fighting championships, I reflect on a time when boys' sexuality was strong.

It was a time when we could feel secure, because we always knew if it ever came down to it, we could just whoop somebodies ASS!!!

Times are different today, however.

My stepdad once told me, God made man, but colt made em equal.

I have nothing against someone keeping a gun in their home, since it allows them to protect thos e they love.

But I feel self defense cases require thorough investigation.

I think when weapons are brought to tha street, it shows who the wimps are.

I wish boys were tough like they used ta be.

As I watch the grappling on UFC, sometimes I wish I could have a UFC match, just ta see how I do.

When it comes to boys going to war with boys, I think the element of sport should never die.

Weapons of any kind, remove the element of sport, and destroy the security, and thus tha sexuality of boys, and women and families suffer.

I wish tha boys would become Men.


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