Why September 11th?  

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5/31/2006 9:04 pm

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Why September 11th?

Lately I've come to more understandings about who I am, but there are still many questions I have.

I know for a fact things have been hidden from me. When my mother told me about the spirit and tha coin toss, she told me not to let it get to my head.

I guess I couldn't help but wonder anyways.
She knows better than me, and anyone will tell you how overly honest she is, but did she have reason to lie about this one thing maybe? Maybe for the better good?

Many people's births are accidental and others are planned.

Sometimes I feel like my life was not planned but also conspired.

There seemed to be so much crazy effort behind my birth.

People coming from every corner of tha country to make it happen.

I know my birth was conspired by christians, the military, and possibly tha mob, but how many others are behind it that I don't know about.

Why is tha storage place on queens called Uhaul and the one on proincess street called target, and why was barry johnson's dog named target. Why do two V's make a double u. Why are we the K7 and the hotel across tha street is tha super 8, and why is tha largest american corporation outlet near me, and curtis's mother dead,a nd mine spiritual, and both have C's in their name, and CC Deville played with poison, and freddy mercury named his band and songs as he did, and venus and mars, and tha planets not in tha bible, and Haley's comet never noticed, let me know when to stop. Or maybe I'm just letting coicidence after coicidence get to my head. I don't know.
According to tha bible, Jesus rose up to the heavens 3 days after he died.

This has recently made me wonder about my birthday which is September 14th.

I have no idea who was behind september 11th, but were their more people behind my birth than I realize.

How does this, Dr Crowe, tie into tha time when I sensed God's soul dropped down, and I pushed with all my might to find him, until I finally reached him and asked?

"Why can't we all go to heaven", and he responded, "Would you go to hell for it?"

I felt pure when I answered "yes", and I felt a hand of compassion come over top of me.

It was as though it was a gesture telling me I wasn't ready.

In some ways I feel I have already gone to hell, given the events which happened since meeting tha dark figure.

When Jesus died 2000 years ago, as I've been told anyways, it must've left christians in tha dark.

From that point on, all man could do is try to interpret history.

I think tha difference between me and religious people, is that while religious people used history to seek god, I sought tha whereabaouts of God's soul today.

As I approach my thirty third birthday, If that IS my real birthday, I often wonder how long tha people behind september 11th knew I was alive.
Did they plan for the attack to be three days before my birthday?
Does anyone out there remember anything about Alaska, new years, 1973?
I was never one to follow religion, but rather was more interested in an entity that truely IS god. This is where most of my religious thought stems from.

I've never been able to express these thoughts, people would tell me I'm crazy.

People probably think I'm nuts for writing this, but I know my life, why would I express anything else?

Tha nature of God is not all that hard to understand if one thinks about it instead of reads about it.

I'm not trying to say I'm tha second coming of Jesus or anything, but there sure seemed to be alot of effort behind my birth.

I wonder who else knows about it.

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