Why I would never want my kid on drugs  

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5/28/2006 8:59 pm

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Why I would never want my kid on drugs

The other day I took a stroll down the streets of V.

I saw a guy who looked like Dave Murray, playing electric guitar.

I'd seen him before. I've played his guitar.

He wasn't so hot last time I saw him play.

But this time he was smokin.

Everyone watched in awe.

I strutted the sidewalk like a stage.

Metal had returned.

We spoke.

He couldn't hear me.

He bitched that his friend had not returned with his money.

His guitar had been ripped off twice.

He needed a slice of pizza.

He asked me to watch his guitar.

I told him not to trust me.

He did anyways.

He bought pizza.

He came back.

We spoke some more.

He couldn't hear me.

Another friend came.

They squabbled over drugs.

I left.

Met with them later.

They were insecure.

I was not.

His friend said he only had time for his buddies.

I walked one direction.

He walked another.

The guitar player seemed awkward.

He made his choice.

I walked away in pity.

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