War of the Crows  

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5/31/2006 1:56 pm

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War of the Crows

On tha street that I walked down, making the corporate gesture to tha hotel chain, I noticed something that I hadn't before.

Last night as I walked the street at night, thinking about vietnam, one of the sprimklers came on just for a second and then shut off again.

It almost felt like America's way of cleansing my family of some of our pain. I wondered if they could see me at that moment.

After I thought I had settled my beef with tha crows, I was attacked by them again. This time, feelimg I had already shown respect, yet continued to be hassled, I lashed back at the crows, but from a higher place.

This seemed to temporarily end tha beef.

Today as I walked down tha same street, I noticed that a large building, which is a division of tha police, overlooks some part of this street.

I was curious to know which parts of tha street that tha police could see through the window.

As I walked down tha street where tha crows attack, I noticed it was in view of tha police building.

Again a crow swooped over my head.

This time I stopped and stared at the crow, but looked back at tha police building, and then continued my stare into tha crow, until I sensed it's fear, then gave tha crow and overpowering gesture, and said, "I'll take ya out, boy!"

Once respect has been given, respect must be given back.

I then walked back home and left tha crows to fight their own wars , as I came back to fight mine.

I don't know if they will attack me again. I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I'm going to try and negotiate another week at tha hotel, while I search for work.

Tha war of tha crows transcends all life, but has probably begun before life itself.

How our society evolves with them is yet to be seen.

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