They Want My Soul  

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6/2/2006 9:42 am

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They Want My Soul

Well, as the war of tha humans begins to close, tha war of tha crows, grows and grows.

It's beginning to get worse.

I don't know how to end this one.

At least with humans, you can communicate and reason.

Tha crows don't seem to allow me to do that.

As I sat on tha steps on the street that Winks is on, a crow swooped down and perched on a street sign about ten feet away from me, Cawing at the appropriate times in response to my emotions.

When I felt I didn't know how to end tha war, I looked up to tha crow with a plea and felt my soul disappear-that sucking feeling in the core of one's torso.

The crow stayed long enough for one more sucking feeling before flying away, but they weren't finished with me yet.

Once I began to walk home one swooped up behind my head again. Now I had had enough, and walked firmly over to tha grass with vindictive determination. The crow perched very close to me as I searched for tha rock.

After finding a rock of suitable size, I searched for a direction to throw it where I wouldn't hit a car or person.

I'm ususally quite good with my aim, when it comes to throwing objects. When me and tha guy who looked like Dave Murray were stage walkin tha sidewalk I threw something into a garbage can from a distance, and as unlikely as it may have seemed to others, I knew I wouldn't miss tha target.

When I went to throw at this crow, I thought of previous good aim in my life, but didn't have tha same certainty. I just missed tha crow from close range.

As I walked home I was somewhat comforted by seeing a cop pull up tha street, and felt my soul return to some degree. Knowing that I had overpowered a crow once by looking back at tha police building and then to tha crow, told me I hadn't yet lost tha war.

I just read somewhere that tha crows are tha most intelligent bird. I'm not sure if that's true or not, but they have made enemies with me nonetheless.

I don't know whether it stems from tha communication that took place between me and the seemingly wise seagull, but I do remember more of that communication now.

After making tha gesture of looking into my stomach, looking around, making a worm attack gesture, and then returning to my stomach, I also remember making tha gesture of communicating with all the other seagulls.
It seemed to make sense to this seagull at tha time.

Although it was not my intention to start a war with tha crows, I not very knowledgeable of bird society.

When I would think tha crows looked cute, maybe the crows weren't used to that, I don't know.

The interpretation I am making of bird society at this time, and I'm yet to be certain, is that tha crows are defending the old society, much in the way that humans typically do.

When something is outside tha norm of tha flock, it seems to be animal nature to rebel the anomaly.

This war will usually continue, until the social pattern set forth by the anomaly becomes recognized as being superior to the old pattern, and others follow suit until the new society replaces the old society.

At this time, I stand alone against tha crows.

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