Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey?  

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6/3/2006 12:54 am

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Gonna Take a Sentimental Journey?

I read in tha Times Colonist Newspaper today about a thirteen year old girl from Edmonton who was runner up to an American girl in tha Scripps spelling bee.

When I saw what word she missed, it got me to thinking about war, and my upbringing again.

Tha word she misspelled was weltschmerz, meaning sentimental pessimism.

The word reminded me alot about the attitude my father had when I was growing up.

Often he would speak pessimistically about tha future, and looking back I realize he was always somewhat sentimental about it.

Somewhat as though he enjoyed to express a negative outlook poeticly.

When I think about tha word being German, I picture tha German's raising their children with weltschmerz. I think after losing a war, you still have a heart nonetheless, and you feel a need to express what's in your heart, but defeat makes these expressions of love take on a negative tone. It's poetic. It's sentimental. And despite being negative, it feels good to express.


It stems from defeat, nonetheless.

When America lost tha Viet Nam war, I wonder what that did to some families.

I know mine was affected by weltschmertz, but I wonder if others have been.

All I know is that I haven't received much positive response to my optimism on this site, despite learning my optimistic values from America. Although America has always taught optimism, I'm not so sure everyone adheres to it.

Sometimes it's painful to get to tha root of a problem, but I feel we have to in order to move to a higher place.

I wonder how many people's values in America have been divided by war and weltschmertz. Does it reach a pain?

Does your father try to reach you by speaking optimistically or pessimistically?
War has still survived to date.
What's your outlook?

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