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5/12/2005 7:55 pm

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doodles of the mind

Today is my day off. (she say's as she laugh's)
I got off work at 6 AM and then met someone new for breakfast at of all places a Chick Filet.

Funny, He is a younger man. I still am kind of taken off guard by being approached by younger men which seems to be happening more and more since I have entered my 'fourties'. Apparently the legend regarding 'Older Women'.. is alive and well.

ROFL. Okay, it IS flattering. Just not sure how practical. Okay, it isnt necessary to be practical all the time true. AND yes, age is just a number. That is, until I think of introducing a 27 year old boyfriend to my daughter, (probably not going to happen). But I suppose one should'nt rule out a person based on age. Did I say that?

Preferences. Preferences are just that. In an ideal world what you would choose. If I went to a car dealership and custom ordered, what would I choose?

If I custom ordered a man? LOL... Hmmmm working plumbing *wink*, endurance, sensuality, high libido. Romantic, playful, sense of humor. Intelligence. Maybe I should edit this and place that criteria first because that really IS an important factor in what attracts me to a man.
Health conscientious but not necessarily fanatical. Reasonably good shape but a few extra pounds ok.

Honestly I have dated men of all heights, ages, and a variety of weights.. so I really hesitate at even listing a preference in regard to height, eye or hair color. I suppose my limits would be that since I am 5' 2" I really really would have a problem dating someone shorter than myself. AND in all honesty I have often found myself attracted to tall men. I dont know if I would go as far to list it as a "preference", but something kind of erotic about standing next to a man who is towering over me. (LOL not hard to do at my height).

Facial hair or clean shaven? I find both attractive. Must be neatly trimmed but I love the 'mustach / goatee ' style that is popular right now. Yes, I think it's sexy. I think I pretty much prefer short hair on men, regular hair cuts etc though I admit I have seen a man once in awhile with long hair that I thought looked nice.. BUT that isnt what I am normally attracted to.

I love to dance country and western - two step, swing dance, etc. However I dont go dancing very often. The reason why is.. I really dont like being around drunks. I dont mind drinking, but I do mind drunks. Also, I kind of detest shampooing my hair, then going to a bar and walking out with my hair smelling like cigarette smoke.

OH AND GEEZ>......... major turn off. Men who "dip" or "chew" tobacco, who kiss you with the crud still in their mouth, and without having brushed their teeth after using it. Okay.. sorry but that is just so disgusting.

ROFL while i am listing pet peeves.. If you are going out to a nightclub etc or some place to meet a woman and you normally shave.. be fresh shaven when you meet a woman if you plan or expect on kissing her. Nothing erotic or sensual about whisker burn on my lips and cheeks. Though I do like the soft scruffy feel of whiskers after its grown out a little.

Life's little chore's are nagging.. work day tomorrow. Obtained my CDL learners permit today. Yes, I intend on becoming a 'Lady Trucker'.

Off to the races.

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