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2/17/2005 6:23 am

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unful FILL ed

Heavy breathing, blood rushing, bodies tingling. Hearts racing and thoughts wondering. Firm hardness under the palm of your hand brushing yielding fabric. The grating of a zipper as it descends each rung and then it happens. Flesh against flesh and the thought…this is it? The solitary can of Vienna sausages collecting a ring of dust in my barren cupboard might be more fun than the toy size man tool laying in my palm. At least with an eight count can of weenies it might come closer to achieving my notion of an orgy. It’s like a baby, one of those delightfully charming bundles of joy that makes you saw “aww” and then proceeds to drool on you. Damn, did he just drool on me? Twenty four point two seconds, that’s a new record even for me. I am cursed. I am the Size Queen.

Now on to better things. Is this his idea of foreplay or does he think the ill spoken grunts might bring some satisfactory auditory stimulus to me. Is it in? I think it is, or is that a finger? Twenty one point one seconds. Double damn. I am cursed. I am the Size Queen.

Jubilation sets in as his Jack Daniel’s scented breath rolls off me. Is that snoring I hear? With a sigh and the rolling of my eyes, I squirm to remove myself from under his sleep induced grasp and make for a hasty retreat. As I slowly pull the door shut with a long high-pitched squeal I sigh in relief. The last four minutes wasted could have been better spent deciding between Mexican or Italian for dinner. I’m off to Sonic for a foot long hot dog.

I am the size queen in need of a king. Checkmate?

cyclistguy1500 48M

8/25/2005 12:46 pm

please tell me you are still around

TexasMiss596 39F

8/26/2005 4:28 pm

lol, yes, im still around

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