How well do we really know people?  

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3/6/2005 4:11 pm

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How well do we really know people?

I usually would not ramble my thoughts on issues such as these, but it has been on my mind all day. Upon reading another article on BTK in the newspaper this morning, it makes me stop and wonder. I turn the page and find that the middle aged woman a town over from me was found alive and dumped in san francisco over a thousand miles from here. Alive, yes, but dazed and confused and her body in shcok about the happenings over the last week and the ordeal she has been through. A semi-happy ending to a tragic begining as she was robbed at gunpoint for the few hundred dollars she had in her bag.

Just how well do we know the people around us? In todays times, we might smile and wave at our neighbors, but do we even know their names? We surrond ourselves with people every day...coworkers, the clerk at the store, the next man or woman we talk to and meet on the net..but do we take the little things for granted such as our safety? It makes me stop and think about people I have met over the years...did they have a dark past and i was lucky not to discover it? have i ever been close to danger and not known it?

I briefly worked with a guy once that absolutely gave me the creeps. I kept telling my supervisor there was something not quite right about the man. I was working a late shift one night and was alone in the building. He came into my office and panic set over me. I realized that there was one way out of the office and he was between me and it. He talked for a few brief minutes and then went on his way but i never could quite shake that feeling. Weeks later, we found out that he was a convicted and repeat child molestor. can we rely on our instincts and can we trust our feelings?

What about on here...we get to where we are casual about meeting people and dont take the precautions before meeting somone. Is it just a female thing or do men even think about safety and the person they are meeting?

We all need to stop and take a minute to be sure about our encounters. Safety first and im not just talking about sexual safety. Never go without someone knowing where your at, who your with...names, phone numbers, car description, shoe size or whatever--just make sure someone knows. This site can be a great tool for meeting decent honest people, but never take for granted the obvious security issues. Be safe and have some great times ;o)

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