Breathless Anticipations VI  

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3/5/2005 10:01 pm

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Breathless Anticipations VI

Damn. I have to feel him in me. He is driving me over the edge. So much anticipation and my body is demanding him. “Fuck me baby, please.” He gives me a mischievous grin and flicks his tongue across my clit even slower. Kissing his way up my stomach, my breasts fill his hands as he works his way up my neck . “I need to feel you in me.” He cuts my words off as his tongue fills my mouth. I feel his cock pressing against my pussy and I move my hips against him. He pulls back from me and whispers, “patience” as his hand moves between us and he rubs the head of his cock against my lips. Back and forth, a slow rhythm making me moan and squirm beneath him. Heaven. He slides the head of his cock into me and I try to push up against him drawing him in deeper. “Wait for it.” He pulls back out and once again rubs it along my slit. He is slowly torturing me, driving me into flames.

He kisses me as he presses back into me. I breathe a sigh of pleasure into his ear as I feel more of him in me this time. “Deeper.” Inch by slow inch, he works his cock in and out of me. Getting a little deeper each time and pulling all the way out and back in. Each time a little more till it spills me over the edge and I cum. Breathless and flushed, I am trying to catch my breath and he continues to move in me. I ride my orgasm and run my nails up his back as each wave hits me. My pussy is stretched tight around his thick cock and everything feels so right. I wrap my legs around him, pulling him in the deepest and roll on top of him. His hands instantly move to my breasts and he pulls at my nipples as I move up on his cock. He cries out in pleasure. I press down on him, squeezing my pussy around his thickness and pulling back up. Each time a little deeper and a little harder. His hands move to my generous hips and I rock back and forth, grinding on his cock. It is so thick, so full, so hard inside me. He pulls me down hard on his cock and I hear him cry out as he cums. He pulls me down on top of him and I can feel his cock make small jerks in my pussy as I relax in his arms. We slowly kiss, moving our lips across each other as I feel his seed drip down between my legs.

I think I am beginning to have an effect on this man.

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