Breathless Anticipations II  

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2/20/2005 3:49 pm

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Breathless Anticipations II

The butterflies have left my body. They left behind a moist trail of wonton desire. My feet are frozen in place. Every nerve in my body screams for me to move but my feet refuse to listen. The elevator doors begin to shut and he reaches out a hand to stop them. I look up into his eyes and a grin captures my lips. Taking that first step forward, I find that my legs are stronger than they seem. He holds the elevator door open as I walk into the hall. Taking a look at the sign, I turn right and proceed down the hall. Now he is behind me. Nervousness sets back in as I feel his eyes staring into me. The thoughts enter my mind of how my generous hips sway when I walk and I glace back. My presumption was correct and he is watching me.

Stopping at our door, I fumble with the card sliding it into the lock. With my error it refuses to open. Stepping behind me, he reaches his arm around and takes it from my fingers. Flipping it around, he slides it into the lock and I reach to open the door. His hand moves on top of mine and I stand there, extremely aware of his body so close to mine. I feel his free hand sweep my hair to the side and feel his hot breath on my neck. Once again my nipples are instantly hard as he works his way up my neck, stopping to nibble on my ear. He whispers, “You can open the door now.”

I pull the handle down and push the door open as we walk in. I turn as he pushes the door close and take a step towards him. Hands shaking a little, I run my hand up his chest and look up at him. His masculine scent fills my nostrils and I breath him in. Beginning at the top, I work my way down and one by one, fumble to unbutton his shirt. Pulling his shirt from his jeans, I slide it open and run my fingers back up his chest. It’s smooth and beneath my palm I feel his heart racing as fast as mine. Placing my hand on the back of his neck, I pull him down to me and cover his mouth with my lips. He drops the bags and pulls me into his arms. His mouth is hot and he has a spicy taste that my mouth begins to crave. I feel his hands run under my shirt on my lower back and I tilt back my head to moan. He kisses down my throat and proceeds to my cleavage, running his tongue between my breasts. I move his hand to my right breast and squeeze his hand over my nipple. My mind is racing and my body molds itself to his touch. I feel him move down lower and take my nipple into his mouth through the fabric of my shirt.

He has no idea the effect he is having on me.

4EverYoungFL 66M

2/21/2005 5:35 am

Excellent fantasy. Really got me going. Thanx!

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