Breathless Anticipations  

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2/19/2005 5:35 pm

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Breathless Anticipations

Following behind, I notice the broadness of his shoulders. The way his shirt flows down to his waist and below. I take another glace and watch the way his butt moves with his jeans. Not completely hard and chiseled, but it has that definition that just begs you to reach out and touch it–to grasp the flesh in your hands and give a soft squeeze as it yields to your palm. Turning his head to glance back at me, I blush slightly as he catches my gaze upon him. He reaches out to press the button and we wait for the elevator to descend. I feel his eyes on me and look up with a smile. Those lips. Those full lips that make me want to grab him and run my finger over his full lower lip. Tracing my finger over it to see if it feels as lush and full to my finger as it does to my eyes.

Ding! Picking up my bag, I take a deep breath in nervous anticipation as I walk in. The three-inch heels of my boots make a soft clack, clack on the polished floor as we enter the elevator. The doors slowly shut and he reaches out to press the button for our floor. As we begin our climb up, he turns and looks at me. The butterflies in my stomach come alive from the seductive look in his eyes. Taking a step closer he braces his arm on the wall behind me and leans into me. He raises his hand and the back of his fingers caress down my cheek following to the side of my neck. His fingers flow over the top of my chest and down my breast. I shudder and feel the wetness pooling between my legs. Closing the distance to where we almost touch, I can feel his hot breath on my lips. He pauses and our noses gently rub each other and then he kisses me. As I begin to feel myself melt, the palm of his hand closes over my nipple and he squeezes. I moan into his mouth as I sweep my tongue with his. Those lips. Those incredible lips, so full and perfect against mine.

My bag hits the floor with a thump as I put my arms around his waist and pull him tight to me. I can feel the hardness of his erection pressing between us as I move my hands lower to get a grip on his tempting ass. I was right. The firm flesh in my hands feels as good as his lips pressed against mine. This time I hear him moan as his fingers move to roll my nipple between them. Images of many nights spent in conversation flash through my mind as my body begins to ache and come alive. Ding! We have arrived. He bends down to take my bag and turns to walk from the elevator. Stopping outside the doors, he waits for me. Aroused, nipples taut, and my chest flushed, I meet his gaze. My knees weak, I take a breath and slowly let it out. He says three small words, “Are you coming?”

He has no idea I already have.

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