Man PMS!!!  

TexasMar 43F
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1/9/2006 4:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Man PMS!!!

I swear men have PMS. I work with all men and I am the only girl there, now some women would say that is a good thing, and on most days it is GREAT!!! The guys I work with are awesome on most days but when that PMS hits it hits them all at the same time and I am the one that hears it or has to deal with it.

Today was PMS Day at work. First thing this morning the one guy that I think is on permanent PMS starts it. (So I thought nothing of it) He demands a customer to be released off of credit hold; he not only demanded it once he demanded it twice in about a three second time period. “Mar, get that customer off credit hold NOW. I said get it off credit hold NOW. I need it right this second.” I’m like I heard you the first time and I am working on it, I can only go as fast as this computer will allow me. I swear what I really wanted to say was, “Keep your damn pants on I am fucking working on it.”

The second PMS victim today. I had some paperwork to hand out to all of the guys. I put it all in envelopes all nice and neat, wrote everyone’s name on them and hand delivered them. I hand this envelope over to victim number two he snatches it out of my hand and says what the fuck is this? I said some paperwork that you need. Then he throws it, literally throws it on the floor right in front of me. I was like “alrighty then” and turned around and walked away. I could have told him off as well but I was nice and just walked away. I could have just put them on the counter and had them pick this paperwork up too.

Same victim (two), Lunch time. He was asking what everyone wanted for lunch and was going to a place HE wanted to go to. So I calmly ask “What do they have there?” His reply: “How the fuck do I know I have never been there.” I had had it; I finally said you guys have some serious attitudes today. I don’t know what your problems are. I don’t want anything for lunch thank you! I guess he figured out he did have an attitude he called and asked if I wanted anything when he got to the restaurant. That was as close to an apology as I got. Then I got the silent treatment for the rest of the day. Fine by me.

Victim number three. It was mail day; he is in charge of getting the invoices out. I had asked him to get this done on Friday so I wouldn’t have to go and buy the .02 cent stamps. Could he get this done on Friday NO! So when I asked him today how many .02 cent stamps I needed to go buy because I didn’t want to buy more than we needed plus my boss did not want me to buy more than we needed. He says: “I don’t know how many we need just buy a whole damn roll.” I say, that is wasteful we don’t need that many could you please just count how many we need and I will go right now to get them. His reply: “I am not counting how many stamps we need that is stupid they only cost .02 cents.” I say buying 100 .02 cent stamps is stupid when we only need a few. His reply,”You count the fucking things.”

Yes, I know victim number three could have been partly my fault we were arguing over stamps, but he had been making stupid comments all day when victim number one and number two had been PMSing towards me, so I guess it was his turn. I was not giving in and counting the damn stamps. It is his job and I was going to make him do it. I would have gladly counted the stamps on a normal day but today was not a normal day.

Today was PMS Day for the men in my office. If anyone can dispute that there is truly not PMS with men please prove it to me.

need2havfun76 40M

1/9/2006 6:02 pm

Medically disproved, maybe. Truthfully though, everyone on the planet gets bad days. Very very, unexplainable bad days. Instant chemical imbalance in your brain because someone said hi the wrong way to you that morning...caries over to the pissy attitude that you'll give everyone else that day.
I have them too. I usually try to appologize when I figure it out, but I also realize, what goes around comes around. So when someone is having a bad day (PMS or otherwise) and I'm the target of the moment, I ask them, are you sure you ment that in the exact way that I'm taking it, because you sound pissed off and you're taking it out on me?

If they answer yes, what goes around comes around.

AlbertPrince 58M

1/10/2006 4:30 am

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meforyou61875 41M

1/10/2006 4:45 pm

i know what you mean about pms, not olny does it screw with your moods, it also screws with your sex life . lol

TexasMar 43F

1/10/2006 5:18 pm


I will try and remember that piece of advice...Then it is game on right?

TexasMar 43F

1/10/2006 5:44 pm


OH MY GOD!!! FINALLY a MAN that will STAND UP and CLAIM the PMS that they all have. YOU GO BABY!!! And to even say it is WORSE than than women. That just makes me all creamy. LOL

TexasMar 43F

1/10/2006 5:48 pm


Im telling you, PMS is a serious pain in the ass, but Mother Nature is a cold heartless bitch when it comes to your sex life. Especially when you have advanced plans for sex. Its like she knows and she says OHH NOOO, NO SEX FOR YOU!!!


Long slow kisses!!!!

need2havfun76 40M

1/10/2006 5:49 pm

Yep, game on.

If they take it out on you, then watch out for the innocents, and yell "Take cover,!!" because there is no reason to hold back.

Have fun

TexasMar 43F

1/10/2006 5:53 pm


I work with all guys any suggestion? I need help in the game on area.......

TexasMar 43F

1/10/2006 5:54 pm


NON sexual of course that is how they will take half of what I say I need good NON sexual comebacks.

rm_mkucream72 44M

1/10/2006 11:36 pm

We all "PMS" just for different reasons. It's like Need2 said, someone says hi the wrong way one day..and that sets you off. The only advice I'd give is try not to explode on the PMSer of the day right away...they may realize that they're being a total ass..and if not then let em have it!

And when am I going to get to meet you beautiful?

toothysmile 50M
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1/10/2006 11:44 pm


TexasMar 43F

1/11/2006 2:36 am


Yes you guys do!!! You know you do!!! I work with 14 of them and they love taking it out on me!!! Then there is my ex husband, my son....Do I need to continue my list?

Long Slow Kisses!!!!

slowhand4yourfun 65M

1/11/2006 6:14 am

How do you work with those jerks? Wear your cowgirl boots and kick em in the shins!!!

TexasMar 43F

1/11/2006 7:19 pm


Im about to kick some serious ass!!!! They wont like me when I do that....

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