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7/6/2006 11:16 pm

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Today was a day of rest and fun. It was the summer of relaxation and enjoying every minute of not being at work. I was fixing conduits around the house all morning, just being useful with my hands, installing and uninstalling ceiling fans in my home. I had to get a new fixture for the wall outlet so I had to run to Home Depot.

Now I enjoy being at home due to the fact that I definitely hate the outside world. It just seems that everywhere I go I always get the “all seeing eyes” following my every movement I make. So I try to avoid that, but today was different. My sister came by to pick me up and we drove down to Home Depot. As I got out of the car I walked downs a way and entered the store and before I can take that leap of breath it started. I kept seeing eyes just staring at me, my sister called it paranoia, but I do not think it is all in my mind. As I was looking for the conduit for the project I was working on, I noticed a glimpse at the corner of this old man’s eyes. Me I am very observant when it comes to my surroundings but every isle that I walked I noticed someone was staring. I couldn’t help to noticed was I wearing the right clothing, was my hair fucked up, did I have a booger in my nose……all these questions gathered in my head.

I already found everything I was looking for and waited in line, then I dropped one of the conduits on the floor as I bend down to pick it up the same old guy that was staring at me bumped his pelvis into me. I nearly lost my balance and almost crashed on the floor as he grabbed my hands I felt his sincerity run through me. “I apologize, I did not see you,” in the back of my mind I was like whatever motherfucker.

The same shit happened to me when I went to Wal-Mart. Me and my sister went shopping that same day and there were these two Latin boys just looking and staring at me like they had never seen a gay man in their life. I could feel their humor and their ignorance run through me. Then their mother or whoever she was said to the boys, “Yeah, he is staring at you,” I looked up at her and I noticed she looked back at me. So I shouted without even thinking of the consequences, “Yeah you got to fine ass boys there are they legal or barely,” by then all eyes just stared at me including my sister and niece. I just nonchalantly walked away head to the sky and a smile on my face, not a care in the world saying to myself, “Let these motherfuckers feast their eyes on this.”

Rgood10 39M
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7/14/2006 4:24 am

I get the same thing at restaurants. Girls are always
giving me attitude, as if they knew me.
Next time ill go to the more upscale ones.

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