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When I was about eight years old I befriended this lonely older man, we called him Mr. Red. Mr. Red’s wife recently passed away and he became lonely and reclusive. Mr. Red always thought of me as his grandchild that he never had, so every time he would come by he would always bring me a gift. I would always go to his apartment and he was a kind host that always made sure that I was fed and taken care of. I looked up to Mr. Red because he never treated me bad or different and he always treated me like I was special.

One day I went over to his apartment and he was not there, so I walked down the hallway and saw the basement door open. So I walked down this dark dank basement and saw Mr. Red covered in dirt. He looked at me and asked me to come over, so I did. Mr. Red was also known as Mr. Fixit, he fixed things that needed fixing like right now he was fixing the water heater for the entire apartments. Mr. Red needed a break from the hard work he was dedicating his time toward. He asked me to sit on his lap and I did, I could smell his body odor next too me.

Then Mr. Red started to feel upon my back, I was shivering and uncomfortable. Mr. Red’s hands were rough and cold; I could feel the scrape of his rough skin skid down my back. My eyes were closed as he began to take off my shirt and then he turned me around to feel upon my breast. I did not know how to react I was young and confused until he muttered in my ear, “This will be our little secret okay”. I nodded as he began to continue what he was doing. I felt his cold rough hands spreading my legs open as he began to feel upon my flesh. Mr. Red’s eyes transparent as they were, turned this helpless soul and discarded the innocence lost yet again.

There was this bed next to the water heater as he carried me over and lied me down; he hovered over me as I could feel his penis thicken between my legs. He took off my pants and spread my legs wide as they can spread. Then Mr. Red took off his pants and shoes and started to kiss my neck and whisper in my ear, “God your so gooood”. Then he grabbed my hand and placed it were his penis was hanging out of his underwear. Mr. Red had this really huge penis hanging down as I could feel it in between my legs. Then he turned me over as I could feel him slapping his penis against my butt. He whispered in my ear, “This won’t hurt a bit okay”. I nodded as I could feel the inside of me ripped open as I gripped the sheets with my strength all I could hear is his moans and

Mr. Red was penetrating me so rough and hard I could feel the inside of me burn and throb and peel away the flesh. He ran so deep inside me I felt like he was about to puncture my bladder with his man size penis. It hurt and it kept hurting it was this burning sensation that ran through me. Mr. Red would not stop as I lied helpless on the bed and heard it squeak non-stop and felt him run deep inside me.

I couldn’t breathe anymore as he pressed my butt down on the bed as his penis penetrated so rough, I was screaming and crying cause of the pain that he inflicted. He covered up my mouth as he wouldn’t stop penetrating. Then I felt this warm drips of water all over my back and felt his release and tension stop. He was breathing really hard as I was lying on the bed trying to catch my breath and still felt the aftermath of the pain that endured.

After the whole incident he got me dressed and told me that,” remember what I said, this will be our little secret.” I nodded and went home still hurting and bruised up and with tears in my eyes of the whole pain issue. After that whole ordeal I still went over to see Mr. Red. We always met in the basement and he would always touch me, feel me and then fuck me. I have gotten so use of it that I started to see him everyday and each time I did I wore something skimpy and tramp looking just for his amusement. I have gotten use of him fucking the daylights out of me that I would see him everyday.

Then one day I went to his apartment he was not there and the basement door was locked. The owner of the apartment building saw me and kicked me out of the complex so I went home but before I did I heard something in the alley were the window’s to the basement were located. I lied down on the floor and peeped through the widows and saw Mr. Red working in the basement. But he was not working he was down there with another child that he embraced as his own. One that was helpless like I and one that he touched and fucked so I was not the only victim in distress. I allowed him to do all those things to me just because I had trust in him……but then I realized that I was not the only victim; there were other children that were molested in my neighborhood by this man. I was such a fool to allow this man to do all those things to me and he got away with it.

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