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For those of you who read this story, I want you to understand that this real life experience happened and took root in my life and I just want to share this experience with you and if you want please feel fee to write in some comments your voice would be appreciated………………………

When I was five years old my family and I lived in this small apartment in Long Beach. I have a baby brother and an older sister. We lived in that apartment for a good old 15 years of my life. My mom and dad were both partiers that enjoyed drinking and socializing on the weekends at night with the neighbors. My dad use to put on oldie records and just blast them in the middle of the night while he was drunk. It was pretty funny to watch him act the fool while he lip sync to every oldie he listened too.

Then one night my dad was drinking with one of his old time friends from the military. He just turned twenty-seven and my dad wanted to celebrate his birthday by drinking and getting drunk. It was 9:00 p.m on a Saturday evening and I was getting tired so I decided to go to sleep. At the time we had bunk-beds my baby brother slept at the top and I slept at the bottom and my sister slept in the closet (A very small apartment). So my dad and his friend were drinking and getting really loud and becoming very obnoxious. When my dad gets drunk he tends to get a little clumsy and his friend as I remember his name Robert was so drunk his language was slurred. I couldn’t sleep that night due to the loud music and did I forget to mention that they were both in the living room along with our bunk-beds (A very small apartment).

As I remember my dad was getting really tired and his friend couldn’t even hold his balance so my dad offered him to stay the night cause were he lived he wouldn’t even make the trip back home. My dad went to sleep in the room with my mom and as I remember Robert slept in the living room on the sofa. So now peace and quiet I could finally get some sleep.

Later that night for some odd reason time just stood still as I looked at the clock it was 2:15 in the morning so I put my head down to sleep. I felt like this night would never cease. Then I felt something really hairy on my leg, it felt like a rat was crawling on my thighs. So I smacked it away and then I felt it again but this time it was crawling all the way up and into my pants. I turned around and I saw this dark shadow lurking in my bed. Before I even had a chance to whimper I felt this cold dismal hand cover my mouth. At the time I was really small and petite and when this hand covered my mouth it was so big it even covered my throat. I felt like I was choking on my tongue.

I was so scared that my whole body was shivering and shaking, quivering and aching due to him closing my throat with his strong aguish hands. I couldn’t even make a sound his hands began hurting my throat to the point were I could feel water running down from the side of my eyes. He whispered to my ears and told me, “If you make one sound I will kill you and your family while they are asleep”. I was so freaking scared I could smell the ale on his breath and feel his rugged skin press against my innocence.

Then while still on the bed lying on my back with one hand on my mouth and throat and the other sliding down to my legs. Robert began to unzip my zipper and pull down my shorts at this time I had no idea what he was doing or what he was up too. I remember crying and even when my tears ran dry I could feel my face full of salty waters. I could feel his strength over power my own, helpless I was all I could feel was the pressure of his masculinity.

Then I felt his cold hand grab both of my legs as he moved them to the side holding them with one hands. I heard the sounds of chains rattling and something else being unzipped. My heart began to pound and the fear began to kick in. Robert proclaimed a kingdom that was never really his, conquered and enslaved my innocence. This man overpowered me as I could feel his strength devour me.

On my side with one hand on my mouth and throat and the other hand holding both of my legs I felt something go through me as I could feel my insides crumble and being torn and ripped apart. Something dark and sinister took form that plunged, pierced and sliced me open like a kitchen knife. I felt the bed squeak moving and shaking like an earthquake. Robert began to hover his body over mine as I could feel the pain rush through me like sharp long daggers penetrating me and killing me slowly. I smelled his breath and heard his moans and groans and he kept saying into my ear stuff a child should never hear.

My screams were silent I couldn’t even whimper or cry as I felt him inside me. His hands so big that my throat was scarred to the point were my voice was numb as I began to heave and gasp for air I felt like Robert was suffocating me. I felt the pain of this man go through me as this night would never end. Nobody in my house hold could hear these silent screams, but all I could hear is the voice of this madman inside me.

I remember waking up in the hospital bed everyone of my family members were standing by my bed side except for my father, I heard he spent the night in jail. My mother told me that she found me on my bed sleeping with my eyes open next to a soaking sheet of blood. Robert disappeared after that incident, he went back home, when my dad found out he totally went ballistic grabbed his shot gun and went after him. But the cops got to Robert first but my dad wanted to do the honors by finishing off the man who was once a best friend. The doctors told my mom and dad that I should see a psychiatrist after telling them that my colon was ripped open two and a half inches and that was the cause of the blood on the bed.

I remember going to court and testifying against Robert and what power he had over me and incident that occurred. Robert is behind bars but I am not the only victim that he invaded, there was another child he molested a nine year old little girl and when she finally gotten the nerve to testify against him that is what set the pace for his incarceration. I will never ever forget what had transpired but it did inspire me to move on and talk freely about this incident and now I am sharing this story with those who ever gotten molested or rapped as a child. I have to say that scars run deep and no matter how much you cover them up they are still there.

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hectic...glad to hear your better...that man should've been killed...its okay...karma's a bitch!!!

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