Wow, i should be working  

Tempt_Me_Now 49F
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5/23/2006 8:34 am
Wow, i should be working

Well yes I should be working, not playing but what can i say. This work will be here when I turn off AdultFriendFinder and than it will get done.

I have spent a few days actually chatting on here. Not something I do often. There are times i get a laugh at the men who think that what they type is a true turn on.

I have however gotton to chat with a few females on here and it is good to be able to just chat with them and see what they think of the site. I made a few mistakes in mentioning names that I have met off of here or tried to meet, Mr Three Strikes. And than found out that well I was not the only one. It doesn't bother me who they do or when they do someone but i have found that alot of women are bothered by knowing a guy can spend a day having sex with one person and than set up a meeting for the next day with another woman.

I am sorry if I said something to upset anyone. You know who you are. But come on it is an adult site and trust me men can and will say anything to get what they want when they want it. Examples:
1. you have nice eyes = lets fuck
2. you have great legs = lets fuck
3. I enjoy your company = lets fuck

Basically with some, Some men anything they say means lets fuck. They do not truely care and just want a fuck. These are the men I like. But for you sensitive caring types you might want to go with someone who is not like that. If you could all just detatch yourself and just enjoy the moment than it is wonderful. The minute you feel the emotions come on, walk away. If the man is not going to be what you want, walk away before it is to late to turn them off. Cause girl they do not care and they turn to women like me who can fuck and say get out of my bed and go home

Ok, enough of me letting my confusion out. Maybe i should stay out of chat and just continue to fuck. Would be a lot simplier than feeling like i hurt someone.

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