The weekend is here, let it begin  

Tempt_Me_Now 50F
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5/26/2006 7:49 pm
The weekend is here, let it begin

Ok, so I have arrived at my sisters in Edmonton. A couple of hours down time and than the partying begins.

I was quite upset to realize that I have gained a few pounds and the outfit I wanted to wear was a little to small. I had to rush around and find something else that was just right for tonight. Thank god I am your typical female and have a few options in my closet.

We are all heading out to a bar, not sure which one yet. And than I know it will be breaking down into the smaller who is going home with who groups.

I already know who I am going home with. They are a great couple and always end up having hours of entertainment with them. Tomorrow is another date with my friend , he is planning something "out of the normal" and says he knows I will enjoy it. He knows all my secret desires so maybe he has one planned.

Hope you all have a fun weekend like I will.
Remember , anything you wish or desire is yours if you are only willing to ask. You never know you might just get it.

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