Seems Women Like Honesty - Gee, Imagine!  

TellinTheTruth 51M
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6/12/2006 7:31 am
Seems Women Like Honesty - Gee, Imagine!

Ever since creating this screen name and writing in this blog I've been contacted by several women in e-mail commenting on things I've stated. I'm not sure why their comments couldn't be on the blog pages, but that's okay - they have their reasons I guess.

But the one thing that I had to laugh about was that out of the 14 respondents, only ONE person had anything negative to say. I laughed because it was a very hypocritical comment - especially after one viewed her profile where she says she's married and "unhappy" and "looking for some fun." Gee - you want a parchese partner? Oh I know - someone to play euchre with on nights that hubby is gone, right? Yes - AdultFriendFinder -- the place to find a poker pal

So to those women that wanted to remain anonymous, yet were kind enough to comment - thank you! I got the message loud and clear too and I thought I'd pass it along here.

Guys - despite the fact that I am "one of you" I have enver considered myself anything like any of you. Ever since I can remember I've always had female friends in junior high school, high school and college. And even after college I always tended to have more female friends. Why? Because I listened to them, understood them, and could on some levels relate to them.

But after a bad experience in Florida, coming back to Ohio and getting back into the normal "routine" of life up here I let something fall by the wayside that I regret with all my heart - my honesty. In that regard I became much like over 50% of the men on AdultFriendFinder and probably about 75% of the men in general in the world. I was stupid - wrong - and I've learned my lesson the hard way. I nearly lost someone special in my life -- a very dear friend whom I adore.

As part of that lesson, that is why I came here. Yes, you can say that in a way I am still not telling all the truth to one person - but really all I am doing is not telling her what's going on - since nothing has of yet. Sure, she's been going behind my back and never really made any comment regarding her acts. In fact, the women that commented all said basically the same thing, "Good for you. If she's cheating and not talking then why should you sit at home and suffer?"

In fact most applauded the fact that I'd come right out and stated I'm married - why I'm here and what I'm searching for. And most wished that more guys would step up and say the same thing. I've read many of the profiles on here of Ohio and Michigan ladies and I'd guess that at least 30-35% are in the same boat as I am - sexless marriages and they want some spice. I can't speak for the guys on here, since I don't check them out ~lol~

But my thought is that probably a good percentage are here just for "extra action" while the rest are either single or in the same boat as me. Who knows - maybe their wife is on here cheating too! All I know is that it's obvious that there's some women out there that appreciate the honesty and would like to hear more of it.

So come on guys - tell the truth, k? No one will think any less of you. Sure you may not get as much "action" but at least there won't be a sudden disappearing act when you've gotten your fill of what you wanted. Be responsible and be thoughtful - don't play games -- unless it's the good kind that ladies like.

Oh and if anyone is looking for a parchese or euchre partner in Vermont, I think I have a screen name you can look at

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