Its MY day  

TeddyBaral 53M
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6/18/2006 1:42 pm
Its MY day

Here it is, Fathers Day, and my kids are 4 Provinces away while I am here on a course. It's hard because I miss them but I did get a chance to speak with them on the phone for a bit and I know I'll be seeing them in a few days once I get home. It's been a good day though since while I am here I'm able to visit with my own family and see my Dad on what is now "our day". He's getting up there in age and slowing down a bit but still happy and healthy. It's been a joy to spend the day with him if I can't spend it with my own kidlets. Never know how many more Fathers Days he'll be around for. Hopefully plenty but at least I had this one with him.

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