Inconsiderate people suck  

TeddyBaral 53M
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5/30/2006 8:12 pm

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6/4/2006 7:57 pm

Inconsiderate people suck

I know, I just started this blog but I've got a pet peeve already. I fly quite a bit for work and it's bad enough that the airlines tend to pack their planes so tight you need a shoe horn to get into it but then you have to contend with other passengers.

I was flying in today from Winnipeg back to Edmonton on WestJet. Now, I prefer Air Canada only for the aeroplan points but WestJet isn't a bad airlines. This particular plane had the satellite TV to go with the leather seats and there was a spare seat between me and the lady on the aisle so it had potential to be a good flight.

That was until the ignoramus that was sitting in front of me got into his seat and got settled. He's about 6'4", which isn't his fault but you would think that someone that tall would know that they have the potential to inadvertently inconvenience others.

He boards the plane with two large pieces of carry on luggage, which in and of itself should be outlawed as well. He sits in his seat and starts to jam one piece under the seat in front of him and then he tries to jam the second piece under his seat which is exactly where my small carry on was already stored. He ended up pushing his piece in so far that mine was now at my feet before I slowly and courteously pushed mine back under. That got me a dirty look but damn it, thats MY spot for carry on and/or my feet. Besides, my carry on MUST go at my feet. I'm not any kind of obsessive compulsive about it but there is a reason (that I can't go into here) that my carry on must be kept with me.

After we took off, as soon as the seat belt light went off, this asshole pushes the button and slams his seat all the way back to get comfortable. Now I have NO leg room and this assholes head is virtually in my lap.

Now, before I ever move my seat back I at least check to see if there is someone behind me and if there is, I ask if they would mind if I reclined. It's just basic manners which I think it a social grace that is sorely missing in todays society.

I certainly wouldn't have minded if this guy reclined and if he asked it would have given me a moment to get situated myself. I guess he was pissed because he decided to be an ass and keep his luggage with him rather then checking it.

I sure with the airlines would respect their own carry on limits. Its a simple process.

caressmewell 53F

5/30/2006 8:48 pm

Yes, inconsiderate people suck and not in a good way!

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