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6/23/2006 12:49 pm
Course party

The course that I was on finished this morning so the bunch of us decided to go out last night for dinner and celebrate. There have been 19 of us on this course and it's lasted 3 weeks with us being away from home all that time. We all come from different parts of Canada but for the most part we all knew or knew of each other through work before hand.

Dinner worked out well and after it was done the general consensus was that we would go out for a while for drinks and to see what trouble could be had. There were all ages on this course but most of them are younger then I am. Not that 42 is old mind you but perhaps I'm older of mind then most of the others.

We ended up at a local watering hole frequented by the university crowd and stayed long enough for some of the group to have a beer before one of them suggested we take off to the local ripper bar, Crossovers, more commonly known of as "Bendovers". Having lived here a couple of years ago I have been to Bendovers before and it's not too bad so about 10 of us headed over while the remainder decided to either head back to the hotel or go someplace else.

Now, Crossovers is your typical stripper bar. Dark lighting, loud music, plenty of neon and black light, large stage snaking out into the crowd with a large "perverts row" all around it. As a non smoker it was odd to find the air clear in the bar now that the Province has brought in a no smoking law in all public buildings.

I was the designated driver for the night so I was limited to soft drinks but it didn't really matter since they were more expensive then the beer. Go figure.

The first dancer came out in a very sexy corset and stockings outfit, in my fav colour too...white. I just find it very sexy. Her name (stage name probably) was Amber and she had short brown hair, pretty eyes and average size tits that owing to their size were still high and firm. Her 3 music sets were far too short although her floor number was very hot. I'm sure I saw wetness on her fingers and they were nowhere near her mouth at all.

As Amber gathered her clothes and headed off to get semi-dressed again and start flogging drinks and lap dances she was replace on stage by a rather homely (I thought) black girl by the name of Darci. I'm sorry, this girl looked like your typical crack whore and she did nothing for me. I don't think dancing was doing much for her either since she just didn't look like she cared.

After her came a number of other attractive to semi attractive dancers who kept the night flowing.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you were so taken by something or someone and the rest of the world just seemed to fade off into the background? I had one of those later in the evening when Alexis came on stage.

Now, this girl must have been about 6'1", slim and with small perky tits. Not necessarily the stripper type but she just took my breath away. She came out dressed in this real tight light blue french cut body suit with a matching peasant type skirt and spiked heals. She looked like she could be out shopping on a summer sunday afternoon. This girl moved with a grace and animal sexiness I have not seen before and I was captivated through all of her numbers.

The guys must have seen my reaction to her and they started needling me. Now, I'm a pretty shy guy although I try (not too well sometimes) to hide it but they knew they were getting to me. Not in a bad way but I could just feel myself blush and get more embarrassed about being "outed".

Once she was done she gathered her stuff like the other girls, got dressed in the skirt only and started walking around taking drink orders and trying to sell lap dances. Before long she was standing behind me with another coke that I hadn't ordered and telling me to follow her for my lap dance. The bastards set me up but I was almost too shy to go.

I did follow her though back through the swinging doors and into the lap dance area. This was a room about 30' x 30' with a carpeted bench around the outside of it for the customers to sit on while the girls did their thing. I couldn't help but wonder about what was on the bench but by then I didn't really care.

Alexis pushed me back down into the corner, she said so she could use both walls and give me a good show which she did. I was informed of the "ground rules" which included no touching unless permission was asked first. She danced and gyrated around me for a few minutes before I got the courage to ask permission to touch her tits. They were wonderful. Firm, warm and with pencil eraser nipples that made my mouth water. It was good they did because she would "accidental" brush my face with them from time to time and I wanted so bad to nibble but I didn't.

When my time was up I asked how much it would be for another go round and was told that it was $20 for the 5 minutes but that if I wanted to pay $40 I could get 10 back in the private dance area. I asked what that was about and she told me there would be no restrictions and I could touch what I wanted. I was in!!!

The room was being used so we made small talk for a few minutes and I learned that she had a child at home, was recently separated and worked for an engineer during the day. Eventually we were able to move back through another door to a small room with an arm chair and strobe light where I made myself comfortable.

Alexis started her dance again and it wasn't long before she realized I was hesitant and she took my hand and placed it over her pussy. Now, one of the other things I liked about this girl was that she didn't shave her pubes like all of the other dancers. She had a nicely trimmed pussy that was wet and inviting. She turned away from me and bent over to touch her ankles which left her pussy and asshole winking back at me. It was all I could do not to lean in and lick from one end to the other but lets face it, I didn't know where it had been or who else had been there that night but I wasn't above touching and touching I did. Her pussy was wet and hot and smelled wonderful as it circled in front of my face.

My free hand dug at my cock in my jeans. I had to rearrange to make myself comfortable and she noted it eventually before she turned and grabbed my cock through my jeans before slowing working the zipper down. My hard cock came out willingly and she rubbed and stroked me for a few moments before crouching before me and breathing on the head of my cock. It was so hot and was made only hotter as she stuck her tongue out and quickly licked from the base of my cock to it's head before resuming her stroking. I wanted more so much but she was not willing to give me head. The stroking continued though and eventually I had to stand while she knelt before me and continued to stroke. Looking down at her stroking me with the strobe light going was very surreal and it wasn't long before she moved aside and let me shoot out into the room. I thought my knees were going to buckle and it felt so good. It was the first release I'd had at the hand of a woman in almost 3 months (but thats a whole other story).

I quickly cleaned up and joined my buddys back in perverts row where we stayed for another couple of hours. I saw Alexis a couple more times that night doing her drink and lap dance thing and even caught another show she put on with another, slightly less sexy in my mind, outfit.

I don't know if a great night was had by all but I do know that a great night was had by me. And that was all that mattered.

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