The reason is....  

Teddy022 59F
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11/13/2005 11:25 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The reason is....

As I am sitting here recalling all the things I have seen and heard in the last few months, I sit back and wonder....why?

Yes. Why?

Last year, 2hot2bnwyo had picked a bar in Evansville to have a drink and sing a song or two. I had never Karaoked but thought sure why not. Before we knew it, it became almost a weekly event to go out to Hooch's on Saturday night and invite new folks to come join us for a drink. We'd fill the upstairs with lots of fun people and the bar manager loved us. People were having so much fun that even some that came from out of town wanted to move here! Because we moved into a new house, we started frequenting a more local establishment.. Chatters. And folks followed us. We tried to keep everyone aprised of where we were. Sometimes we even went down to see out good friends at the Movie Star Lounge.

But I felt that a lot of folks didn't always know about the get togethers so....

...I decided to start the Casper Meet and Greet's group last December. In no time at all we had 50 members, then 100 then 200 and now we have over 300 members that seem to want to know what is happening in Casper. It was fun. We could invite new people to attend.

Then all of a sudden, clear out of the blue, there was a sudden tension in the group. People were starting to sit apart from the rest. Dirty looks were given. Rude remarks were said about people within their earshot. The next thing I noticed were the comments from some of the folks wanting to know if I was attending a certain function, that I knew nothing about. I checked in the meet and greets group and nothing had been posted. Oh well, maybe they wanted to have a select group come over. I can certainly understand that. But then I started noticing more and more the tension and the snide remarks in the chat room. And then I thought to myself... why? What had happened to this group? Why had this turned into a popularity contest? Why was it when we planned a welcome party for a fellow chatter who was planning on visiting that there was a private party planned at the same time somewhere else? Was this to get back at the person visiting? I could not understand that one. Why did these folks intentionaly put people in a position where they had to choose which event to go to and possibly insult the other by not attending? Why were people told they had to go with them if they wanted a place to stay? My.. my...What has happened?

I only wanted a place to be able to post local events and get togethers. Meet and Greets if you will. Did I want it to become a place to slander some, insult others, "control" people? Never!

Therefore, because of all the hurt feelings, the mean things that have been said, the dirty looks, the rude remarks, the bitching and the moaning, I have decided to eliminate the group. I think it has caused a bad, nasty distance between a lot of people. I am tired of this. I don't have time to continue to worry about who's feelings I have hurt or someone else has hurt. I have no reason to want to hurt, offend or control anyone. All I wanted was for everyone to get along.

I hope these folks enjoy the drama that they have caused here in Casper. I for one, am bowing out of this scene. I have a better use for my time elsewhere.

Good night Casper Meet and Greet Group...


(I will be shutting down the group on November 21st- until then feel free to add any comments you want)


widwestcpl 61M/60F
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11/14/2005 5:00 am

Totally agree with you on the shutting down of the group. used to be fun to belong to a group of people that I thought was an "ADULT" group and a fun group to be around. Guess I was wrong. I thought when you grew to adulthood the name calling and the school yard games was done but again I guess I was wrong. As for the group being disbanned I am sorry to see that happen but can totally understand why it would. When it gets to a point of hurt feelings and name calling and dis-trust then yes it is time to bow out. We have our friends and know who you are and will continue to be our friends but as for the others, I can honestly say that it will be a relief to not have to put up with your childish attitudes and your trouble causing ways. Eventually it will catch up to you and people will learn just what kind of folks you really are.

wyldwestcpl 61M/60F
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11/14/2005 5:27 am

Well Teddy I have to agree with whole heartily, Has been a boil on everyones ass for a long time now.Knowing that this group was started for the soul purpose of wanting to get together with our fellow lifestyle members and was the first of its kind in this area. the only problem was that everyone wanted to be the big duck in the puddle and make all the decisions about where and how things were to be done just for their own glorification. Wanting to infract their superiority and to weed out those that are not quite so perfect as they, Sorry that there was those that wanted to overthrow the MODERATOR and stage a coup to benefit their better than you attitudes. These people, and they know who they are, will be their own demise as they have in the past. drifting form place to place and stirring up the scum on the pond then having to move on to destroy another area like a bad cancer. To those that joined this group for what it was, it was a real pleasure to be in the same group with you and to those that joined to undermine all that was done here, to hell with you and your followers. Life goes on and so will I. To those that are genuine friends that came about from this group we will always be friends no matter what happens in the future and to those that were the children of the damned good luck in you underhanded, coniving, childish endeavours..................

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