Been an Interesting Week to Say the Least...  

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7/27/2005 7:21 am

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Been an Interesting Week to Say the Least...

Wow. If someone had told me that I was going to be in for surprises this week I would not have believed them.

Loved going to Chatters Saturday night. Nice to see friends that REALLY like you for who you are. Enjoyed a nice dinner and then some singing. Had a visit from a couple of unexpected friends and learned lots about what is going on. But for their sakes, I will not talk about it or even hint anything about it. Would not be appropriate and I would certainly would not want people to misconstrue what is said. So for all purposes, I will refrain from speaking about details of these conversations.

I will however, tell you, that this week (being the last week of the month) has been very profitable. Had lots of new business and closed lots of business. August and September are looking to be very good months for me.

Monday night I had planned on staying after work to get some work done when all of a sudden the sky got black, and blacker and then at 6pm it was the blackest I had EVER seen this sky. Two storms decided to converge over Casper, and create the worst storm ever seen here. We had torrents of rain, and I don't mean just the sideways stuff. It was as if someone had literally opened up a dam or knocked over a BIG bucket of water. It was raining so hard, that I think you could've drowned just standing there because there was no air.. just water. The winds.. omh! They were bad. You would've thought we were have a Typhoon of sorts.

When the rains let up, I went out to my car in the parking lot and noticed that I had my sun roof cracked open during the storm and instead of it by passing the hole in the roof, it soaked the inside of my car. My cup holders had three inches of standing water in them. My dash was completely soaked. The radio did not work and the seats, well lets just say I had to change into something drier when I got home.

Going home was a trip also. Literally! Got on the interstate to head north when I see traffic backed up to almost the interchange. I am sitting there wondering if there is an accident or what. As I inch closer, I see cars pulled off the side of the road...just sitting. Now this is weird. Are they just sitting there because it is raining? That can't be cuz the rain has let up a bit now. Must be something else. Closer, and closer I get to the underpass for the railroad tracks and see a man standing in the middle of the road, looking like he is trying to move debris from the grates so that the water would start to move, however, the most astonishing thing was, was that he was standing there with water to his thighs. That means the water under the bridge has to be 3-4 feet high. Oh dear...

I watched as other vehicles go through the water, waiting for one of them to start floating. I think to myself, boy I am sure glad I am not riding a motorcycle. I've been in rain before, but never this much at one time. The question now I try to go through there or not. The semi's went through easily but they are 5 feet in the air from my car. I see an SUV go through. Well here goes....steady on the gas, no brakes...just keep moving, snuggled the side of the road. Oh finally, the water seems a little bit lower...and now I am out of it. But if this underpass is flooded what about the rest?

As I proceed down the road, I realize that the water is higher under the next underpass. Thank God there is an off ramp that I can take to get out of here. I steer to the right and leave the flooded interstate and head north towards the house. I cannot believe how much water we got in so little time. Off in the distance I see a double rainbow. I guess God thought this was a one of his best ideas.

Home at last. Change clothes and check all the windows. Thank goodness I only had one window open and not too much was wet. Now the time comes to start drying out...

Well folks, just a bit of an interesting week. I am hoping that you all have an equally interesting week but maybe without the flooding. Am going to try to get to work now.



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