A New Blog is Born...And there was much rejoicing  

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11/1/2005 7:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A New Blog is Born...And there was much rejoicing

So I decided to start a blog on this site just to further my indoctrination into the world of internet friend finding. Seems like a way to post my daily/weekly philosophies of life, love, and some stuff that may stuck to the bottom of my shoe.

You have to love Halloween. First it allows a majority of people the chance to deindividuate and be someone they are not. For others it is a chance for people who are complete opposites of their social persona to show the behind closed doors side of themselves. Either way, I love Halloween just for that reason. Plus and I am sorry to say it allows for good girls to play with their bad sides and dress up in interesting ensembles to the delight of everyone.

Case and point, one of the graduate students at one of the parties I attended really let herself go this weekend and dressed very provactively, again to the delight of most of her male peers. It's interesting when most of the party also happen to be some sort of head-shrinker in training. The analysis was flowing....A good time was had by all for some and later on more fun was taken home. I happily got to explore every inch of this woman's private persona for hours. Yay Teddy!!!

So that's it for today. I figure this is as good a start as possible to my new blog.

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