Man, oh man...  

TechKitsune 34M
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5/25/2005 6:04 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Man, oh man...

Well, it's been a couple of days since I posted in the blog here. I've been busy with work, and a minor hospital visit to see how well the laser surgery I had to remove some scar tissue went. I'm nice and clean, can't even tell I had a centipede scar right behind my ballsac.

I am running low on money.. I might not make my house payment this month, which will be a big fallacy to allow. Looks like I'm up for donating blood plasma, and some blood while I'm at it. Might as well make 60 bucks.

I do have a question to pose to anyone who reads my blog. My father's a pothead, and he's gonna have a drug test for this job in about two weeks. What's the best way to get him cleaned out? I've got a bottle of pure niacin, and I'm told to completely avoid any of those detox drinks. Would the niacin and water alone work, or what's truly needed to help him pass the test? It's a standard NIDA-5 urinalysis piss-in-a-cup instant results thing. Who recommends what?

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