Fun with vaporub  

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5/18/2005 4:17 pm

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Fun with vaporub

I was really horny about an hour ago (It was then... 5 PM Central standard time) and I wanted to try something new by myself. I've recalled several experiences I've had with cremé de menthé after sex with men and women alike, and how powerful of a second orgasm it gave me.

I figured, "why not?" so I went about on the search for something with menthol in it. Well, eventually, I came across my bottle of vaporub, and I distinctly remember the smell of camphor, and menthol, and I knew it was some really slick stuff, so I guessed it'd be fun to try.

Having had icy-hot rubbed in my jockstrap once while showering and getting ready for wrestling practice in high school, I rememberd that letting this stuff touch your testicles is not a "Good Idea," but I rememberd it didn't bother my other areas at all, and infact, asides from the burning sensation in my lower groin, was quite pleasant.

So I sat down, turned on my webcam, and invited a friend living in Canada to view my private webcast server, which he gladly agreed to do. While he provided the dirty material in text, I used my mind to conjure up a good image, full color and live motion, of what he was saying. I got hard pretty quick, and reached out, taking just a fingertip's worth of the vaporub and gently sliding it up and down my crotch, getting it lubed from head to base, being mindful to not let it touch my testicles.

It took about fifteen seconds of manual activity before I was a-tingle, very gentle at first, but as soon as my window AC unit kicked on and that cold air hit the medicine, everything got INTENSE. It took rapid movements to keep up enough friction to keep the cold from overcoming the tingling and heat that I was building up. Anyways, about after 20 minutes of this, my groin had apparently had enough, and I EXPLODED..... all over my chest... hit the back of my chair.. my hair, and shot over my chair (That has a 2 1/2 foot back that touches the base of my skull) and nailed my bed, about 4-5 feet behind me.

I collapsed in my chair, totally in shock from the pure intensity of my climax, not to mention the sheer amount I managed to shoot. Now, here I sit, recounting my story to you, still in a daze from this experience. I would recommend this to ANYONE with a minor like for tingly pain. However, do NOT let this touch any mucuous membranes, and do *NOT* use this as lube for anal or vaginal sex, as I believe that it will set you on FIRE. (Just remember what I said about having a similar material put on my testicles. I'm not joking, that had me nearly doubled over for the first five minutes.)

I'd love to hear about your experiences with vaporub, if you're brave enough to try it.

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