Zoukout !!! What a night !  

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12/10/2005 9:01 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Zoukout !!! What a night !

Went to Sentosa at around 2am I know its late but hey the party is until 8! Went with a group of excolleges, the music was great the babes were HOT ! Nonstop dancing!!

Well it wasnt till around 4 when i noticed this girl by the beach(well the party is on the beach but she's just by the sea) from far she looks kinda sad so i walked over and did the lamest pick up line ever ... " Hi, need a little company?" Sat there and chatted for an hr or so, drinking what ever it was in our cups, can't really recall what I ordered.

Learning that she caught her BF making out with some chick while dancing she was depressed, and i suggested jokingly about giving him a little pay back.

Her eyes lit up knowing what i had in mind. She moved closer to me and started kissing. By then we were both rolling on the sand with passionate embrace. After what seemed like an eternity she got up leading me to the car park. After a long walk to her car, we both stripped in her back seat. In full view of her errect nipples was such a turn on. I Fingered her clean shaven pussy while my mouth was occupied with her tits.
We ended up in a 69 yes in the back seat ... i was in both pain n pleasure =)

Since we both didnt have any protection that was the only thing we could do. (Forgot to replenish the rubber in my wallet)

Once it was over we cleaned up as good as we could with the 2 packs of tissue we had. Still holding hands while walking back to the party but as soon as the crowd was in full view we just parted never getting her no. all i got was her name which i will never forget.

Overall it was a good party =)
Wont ever forget it

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