Forced Entry  

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7/28/2006 3:26 pm

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Forced Entry

"Make one sound and I will kill you" is what this voice said to me as I was suddenly awaken from my slumber.

I could not see who this strange man was. The only light in my hotel room was coming from the TV. Terror raced through my body, fear in my thoughts.

I tried to turn to see my attacker, but he only pushed my head deep into the pillow. "I'm going to fuck your cunt you bitch". Holding me down with one hand he began to rip off my clothes with his other. My pulse quickened as I knew there was nothing I could do, he was so strong. His deep whispering voice so stern in my ears.

My pussy moist, something inside of me enjoyed what he was doing to me. I could feel his rock hard cock pressed against my flesh as he tore away my clothes. But I knew I could not let him take me like this. "Please, please don't hurt me" I begged. My cries went unanswered. Grabbing my wrists in his hands, he tied them behind my back. Lifting my hips in the air I could feel his hardness sliding up and down my wet slit.

"You want this fat cock don't you, you fucking slut" he whispered in my ear. "God no, please don't do this" I cried. Grabbing a fistful of hair in his hand, he rammed his throbbing cock deep into me. Pulling so hard on my head I could feel him tearing out strands of my hair within his grasps. Pounding so hard into my pussy his cock did feel so good inside of me, making me grow that much more wet. There was nothing I could do, my hands bound behind my back. I tried to scream but he would only push my face deep into the bed. Smacking my ass so hard I could feel the sting deep within me. I let out a cry of pain. His hands so strong grasping onto my hip.

"I know you love my cock in you". he voiced "You're nothing but a little whore who loves to fuck." Anger taking over me, I could not allow him to do this to me. I began to fight against him, trying to undo the ropes around my wrists. He removed his hands from my hip and tightly wrapped his hand around my throat, squeezing so hard it was taking my breath away. "You will keep your fucking mouth shut bitch or I will show you pain you have never felt" he said to me in such a demonic voice, it sent chills down my spine. Trying to gasp for air as I could feel his fingers digging into my flesh. I would do anything to make this pain stop. Trying to speak "I'm sorry, I will do as you say" I squeaked out. Releasing his grasp from around my throat I collapse to the bed trying to retain my breath. His hard shaft still pounding into me with such force, I wanted to cry out in pain, but had not the voice to cry out, nor the strength to.

My body goes limp, giving into him to do as he pleases. Tears filling up in my eyes, there was nothing I could do, but submit. "Thats a good girl" he says to me as he feels my body give in to his wants. Taking both of his hands on my hips his thrust are rhythmic and forceful. Hearing his moans of pleasure start to excite me once again. I knew the only way to live through this night is to do what he desired. I began to move my hips in rhythm with his. "Thats a good girl, just fuck this cock that I know you want so bad" his voice groans to me. Oh he did feel so good inside of me. How I longed to know what this stranger looked like. As I begin to turn my head to look at him, he grabs my hair once again not allowing me to see his face. Excitement coming over me with the thoughts of being fucked by someone I had no idea what he looked like. His voice so deep and so powerful swam in my head. So firm and so forceful turned me on. His strong hands on my skin did feel amazing, the way he controlled me felt good.

Feeling my body relax, he removed his soaking wet cock from my pussy he told me to get on my knees and suck his cock. Doing as he wished, I knelt on the floor, he removed the rope from me and warned if I tried anything, I would be sorry. I assured him I would not. With him sitting on the edge of the bed, me between his legs kneeling on the floor. I move my mouth closer to his glistening cock covered in my cunt juice. Taking him into my mouth the taste of my sweetness filling my mouth as I take him deeper in my hungry mouth. Closing my lips around him I feel his cock fill my mouth as I take it all the way in, swirling my tongue around the base of his shaft sucking and swirling my tongue I work my way up his beautiful dick. Up and down I suck on him, my tongue rolling over his veins that I make pop out even farther as I take my fingers and tightly squeeze at the base of that lovely cock of his. Moving faster up and down wanting so bad for him to release his load deep down my throat. Coming back to my senses I knew I this was my chance to try and escape. His body totally relaxed from the pleasure I am giving him. Positioning myself for my escape as I continue to suck him off.

Now was my chance...

As quickly as I could, I got up off the floor and made a dash for the door, I didn't care if I was undressed, I just wanted away.

"YOU BITCH" he loudly whispers. Coming after me he reaches for my hair and grabs a fistful and flings me across the room to the other bed. "You fuck, let go of me" I yelled. Pulling and fighting his arms off of me I fall to the floor. He grabs my ankle and pulls me across the carpet. My knees stinging as if on fire from the force he used pulling me towards him. Him now kneeling behind me wraps his forearm around my neck and begins to tighten. "That was very stupid" he says as I can feel the head of his cock pressing against my asshole. Holding me tight around the neck with his arm, his cock presses into my ass. Oooh GOD the pain. Tears once again filling my eyes, will this ever end. His dick deep inside my ass thrusting harder than imaginable, his arm still around my neck, though not as tight. My scalp burning, my knees on fire, my tight ass feeling like it has ripped wide to take his thick cock, my neck very tender. How I wanted this to be over. I begged for him to stop hurting me. My pleas were upon deaf ears. His moans filling my head as he fucks my ass. Feeling his cock slide in and out of me, his heavy breaths in my ear. I wanted to just cry out, but all I could do is just wait till he was finished and hope I would survive.

After what seemed to be an eternity, he was spent. He got up from off of me and laid on the bed on his stomach. I weakly got up off the floor and went over to him and kissed him on the nape of the neck and thanked him for such a wonder fuck! Our bodies, wet with sweat. I began to lightly rub my fingernails up and down his naked back and over his shaved head. Massaging him until he feel into a deep slumber.

That is one fantasy I will remember forever, it was incredible

Yes, this is a true story, only a shortened version. Met the man through AdultFriendFinder and last fall he made my fantasy come true.

rm_sizzlin57 59M

7/30/2006 4:20 pm

You know this surprised me of how much it turned me on. I felt kind of guilty because of the violent nature, but I can't deny that it turned me on.

pete2609 42M  
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8/1/2006 2:52 pm

That was awsome, I am so hard right now. I have to fear more,you have real talent.

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