What were once vices are now habits.  

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5/30/2005 7:10 am

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What were once vices are now habits.

Finally getting over that pukey feeling one has after being sick. I'm still not too sure about eating anything, but today looks to be better than yesterday.

I am tattooed on both arms, shoulder to elbow and on my chest. When I got tattooed, it was still somewhat a mark of individuality. Nowadays, even soccer moms have tattoos. It seems everywhere I turn someone has a tattoo of some sort somewhere on their body. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, but the individuality seems to have to gone out of it.

Around the same time that I got tattooed I also had my tongue and nipples pierced and just like the tattoos, everyone now seems to have something pierced. While the tongue was really no big deal, piercing my nipples was probably the most painful experience in my life. It made me realize just how much of our lives we spend living in a fog. Ever smash your thumb with a hammer or close your hand in a car door? Ever notice how vivid things become? Colors stand out more. Sounds emerge from the background. All of a sudden, you are ALIVE. At that moment, the light switch flips and life becomes three dimensional Technicolor. It kind of makes you wonder what you were doing prior to the injury.

I have since removed my piercings. After almost cracking a tooth on several occasions with my tongue ring, it seemed to be the smart thing to do. I would have left my nipple rings in except that I sleep on my right side and that nipple ring was slowly being pulled down. It would have eventually torn its way out of my nipple. After removing the right one, the left ring looked out of place. Because I am a Virgo (read anal-retentive perfectionist) I could not walk around “unbalanced”, so the left one was removed as well.

I don’t regret getting tattooed, but I think part of me did it so I would stand out. As I get older, and hopefully a little wiser, I realize that maybe just being me is all the individuality that I need.


p.s. ‒ Bonus points for anyone old enough to know where I swiped the title of this entry from.

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