To all the girls I've loved before - Part Two  

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5/29/2005 9:31 am

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To all the girls I've loved before - Part Two

Michelle (past) ‒ Michelle and I had history before we ever jumped into bed. A mutual friend introduced us and we hit it off. Michelle was very cute with a perfectly proportioned body. Now around the time I met Michelle I was at the tail end of my divorce. I had no business trying to be a player since I was an emotional and mental wreck; however my dick had other ideas. Closing time arrived and I got Michelle’s number. Looking back I was probably a little “over enthusiastic” with the follow-up phone calls. Michelle did not return my calls and I learned several valuable lessons ‒

1) Don’t call too soon.
2) Don’t call too often.
3) Just because a woman gives you her number doesn’t mean she’s interested.

Number three has always seemed a little weird to me. My feeling is that if I give someone my number, I want them to call. Otherwise I would politely decline. So as a learning tool I offer this. Women ‒ if you don’t want men to call, don’t give out your number. Michelle didn’t call; I got my head out of my ass emotionally and mentally and moved on.

About a year later I was at a New Year’s Eve party and ran into Michelle. She still looked good but I did not go out of my way to make conversation. I was doing well in the sex department and had a couple of women in the rotation. Later during the party Michelle cornered me and made small talk. She apologized for blowing me off and wanted to know if we could get together. I was feeling no pain so I gave her my card and moved on to work the rest of the party. The next day she called but I was way hung over and didn’t retrieve my messages until two days later. Besides, even if I had gotten the message I would have made her wait.

We got together a few days later. I went to her place and we hung out doing the “get to know you” thing. We both agreed that we weren’t looking for anything serious and that we’d have fun until it wasn’t fun anymore. No sex that night, but a ferocious blowjob. Not ferocious good, more like ferocious angry. I blew my load on her face and called it a night. She called the next day and came over. When I answered the door, she simply asked, “Can we fuck?” Who am I to say no?

Michelle was what I would call a power fucker. Hard, fast, “if I’ve got a hole in my body you can stick your dick in it” sex. On top of that she loved to fuck. Doggie-style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, piledriver, missionary, you name it. I would cum and if my dick so much as even twitched afterwards, she would to try and get it hard again so we could go another round. I’m not complaining, but I will say that I was glad that I had been concentrating on cardio at the gym. Her house was also close to where I worked, so during lunch I would head to her place and we would fuck or she would blow me if she had her period. A pretty good arrangement if you ask me.

Michelle was a runner and her body reflected it. Slim and toned with just the right amount of hips and tits. Great nipples that responded immediately. She did not however shave or groom. This threw me off a bit. I think in this day and age, men have become accustomed to seeing groomed pussies. Whether trimmed, shaved or waxed, we are used to being able to see what we are getting in to. Hairy pussies are a bit of an oddity. After about three weeks of fucking I asked Michelle if she ever considered shaving. She told me that she hadn’t, but if I wanted to shave her I could. Into the bathroom we went and I proceeded to shave her bald. She had the pinkest pussy I had ever seen. Even the lips were pink. Afterwards we fucked and she discovered that being shaved offered a new level of sensitivity. Another happy convert! She also discovered that she could now watch me fucking her and would move herself into a position where she could see my cock slide in and out of her pussy. I discovered that when she got headlong into fucking, her pussy would turn from pink to bright red and she would cream. You can add pussy cream to the list of things I love.

So all would seem to be great, but…

I worked a second job while I was seeing Michelle from 7pm Saturday to 4am Sunday. Bullshit hours to say the least, but the FU money was nice. I would get home at about 5am on Sunday and by 9am my phone would be ringing. Michelle would call wanting to know when she could come over and fuck. It would take her about 45 minutes to make the drive and in the time it took her to walk through my front door and walk upstairs to my bedroom, she would be naked. While I like sex as much, if not more so than the next guy, I needed my sleep. I was working close to 80 hours a week. Strike One.

Michelle could not give head to save her life. I have no problem instructing a woman on how to give a blowjob that meets my needs, but no matter how I tried she just didn’t get it. She never got enough saliva going and as result her hand clamped onto and pulled my skin instead sliding over it. I mean this girl was G.I. Jane with the Kung-Fu grip. This in turn caused the skin to rub against the muscle. Not an overly pleasurable feeling. She had the desire, just not the technique. Ball One.

Michelle suffered from adult ADD. Not a huge problem because when she got bored she wanted to have sex. As I stated before, if I’m watching a movie you can shut the fuck up and watch it with me or go find something to do in another room, but don’t bother me. I remember I was trying to watch “Copland” with Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone. Not a great movie, but I really wanted to watch it. About 15 minutes into the movie her ADD kicked in and she wouldn’t sit still. We fucked on the couch that night, but I can remember being annoyed that I couldn’t finish watching the movie. Strike Two.

One day during the second month of fucking, Michelle comes to me and says, “I think I like you more than you like me” to which I responded “you’re right”. I reminded her that this was about sex and that she had told me that’s what she was looking for. Her response was that she had decided she was looking for more. Strike Three.

Things tapered off after that and there was one less in the rotation. Michelle got married to a guy who, from what I hear, is “easily managed”. Good for her.


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