To all the girls I've loved before - Part Seven.  

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6/12/2005 1:08 pm

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To all the girls I've loved before - Part Seven.

Joy (past) ‒ I truly miss this woman. I met Joy and we hit off it right away. A down home, drink you under the table southern girl with a fuck all attitude that rocked. Joy was not the prettiest girl and most guys wouldn’t have looked at her twice. It was her attitude that attracted me to her. She had just turned 21 when I met her and had come up north to attend school. She was working as a nanny for a wealthy couple which allowed her a fair amount of free time. I’m not sure how Joy and I ended up in bed. I think it started at a 4th of July party. We were shit faced. Completely and totally hammered. I was hanging out with Joy and Claire, another nanny I knew who was from New Zealand. It was unbelievably humid that night and everyone was hot and sweaty. The conversation eventually turned to sex. The family that Joy worked for was out of town for the week and I was trying my best to promote a group shower that would hopefully turn into a threesome. Claire was leaving to move back to New Zealand and I really wanted to fuck her before she left. The threesome idea never took off, so as we were leaving, I turned to Claire and said,

“We really should fuck at least once before you go.”

Claire agreed, but it never panned out. Now Joy, who was standing right next to her the whole time looked at me and said,

“Shit! How come you’ve never asked me to fuck you?”

I was caught off guard by that and told her that I didn’t have an answer. We all said good night and I drove home with one eye closed because I kept seeing double. I admit that I had no business driving that night and it was a small miracle that I made it in one piece.

The next day was spent recovering from a mother of a hangover. Joy called mid-afternoon, apparently suffering as much as I was. We made light conversation until she said,

“I was serious about what I said last night. I’d fuck you in a heartbeat.”

Since her employers were out of town, now seemed like a good time to accept her offer. I drove down to her place, walked through the door and kissed her. No hesitation, no “are we or aren’t we” bullshit. We just went to town on each other. Joy gave magnificent head. She had a knack for bringing me to the edge of climax and then backing away. That girl could drive me crazy. By this time, my tongue piercing had healed and I put it to good use. We fucked for a few hours and when it was all done, I laid back on the bed to catch my breath. I closed my eyes for a minute and Joy said,

“Don’t you even think about falling asleep. This was sex and you’re not staying here tonight.”

This was my kind of woman. Please me and go home. Joy is the one of the few women who understood what being a booty call was all about. We came up with an arrangement. Since we both clubbed in the same circuit on Friday nights, if one of us didn’t hook up we would call the other and see if they were available. It was a great arrangement. I introduced Joy to anal sex and some new positions and she in return fucked my brains out whenever our schedules allowed. Joy was a piece of work. We lost touch and I’m sorry for that. I’d really like to know how she is doing and see if our arrangement is still valid.


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