To all the girls I've loved before - Part One  

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5/29/2005 8:13 am

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To all the girls I've loved before - Part One

Sick as a dog this morning and I’m not sure why. It’s not even like I can blame it on alcohol because I didn’t drink last night. I truly hate feeling this way.

Love is a funny word. It can have so many meanings and there’s a huge difference between love and being in love. I love women. I also love Cuban cigars, high-end tequila, sushi, cookie dough ice cream and a really great steak. I thought I was in love with my ex-wife, but it turns out I was going through some sort of sado-masochistic phase.

I was thinking about sex partners, both past and present. There’s been quite a few, some good, some great and some that left a bad taste in my mouth (literally and figuratively). Each one of these women had their own special qualities and in my own way I loved almost every one of them. There were some who were one or two night stands simply because the chemistry just wasn’t there. I did however try and give them the benefit of the doubt. The next couple of entries will be about these women. After their names will either be “past” or “present”, indicating whether or not they are in the current rotation.

Sarah (past) ‒ Sarah was 22 when we hooked up. Very cute, above average in a girl next door kind of way. I was out clubbing with a friend who introduced us. While there was not a whole lot of conversation, there was electricity. After about 45 minutes we decided to move on to another club. I turned to Sarah and said, “Let me get your number in case I don’t see you later on”. She complied and we moved on. About twenty minutes later she followed us to the next club. At that point I knew I had the upper hand. We had a few drinks and made small talk for the rest of the night. Closing time arrived and I followed her back to her place. She dropped Carlos Santana’s “Supernatural” CD into the player and hit repeat. We fucked until the sun came up and then fucked some more. Sarah had full B-cup breasts, smooth curves and was neatly groomed. I remember I flipped her over to fuck her doggie-style and she was hesitant, but then gave in. I’m not sure why some women get freaked out by that position, however once they realize you’re not going to jam it in their ass they figure out that fucking from behind feels pretty good. Finally around 8am the next morning I had to get home and get some sleep. I know Sarah was dead certain that I wasn’t going to call her, but she was fun and had potential. I surprised her by calling later that day and she came over that evening to watch a movie. We fucked again and everyone was happy.

Sarah and I spent almost three months together. She quickly moved to the top of the list. That girl loved to learn. We would meet up on Friday nights, drink and dance until closing time and then go back to my place for an all night fuck session. I did things to her that made her head cave in. The first time I jammed my tongue in her ass she came right away. The best part was that she took my cue and reciprocated. That opened the door for further assplay and a week later I replaced my tongue with my cock. I remember one time Sarah was on the phone with her mother and she had made the mistake of wearing a mini-skirt. I lifted the skirt, removed her thong and proceeded to suck the flavor out of her pussy. It was amusing to watch her try and keep her composure while attempting to wrap up the conversation in a hurry! That girl loved having her pussy eaten and I was more than happy to oblige her. Not once did she ever taste bad.

Aside from the sex, she was also cool to hang out with. I truly enjoyed her company. We had opposing opinions on certain issues which kept the conversation lively and she knew enough to shut the fuck up when I was watching a movie (more on that later). She also had a 22 year old's perspective of the world. By the time I started seeing Sarah, I was feeling somewhat jaded and firmly believed relationships were crap. She still believed that magic could happen and it balanced us out. Sarah knew I was seeing other people and knew not to ask questions that she didn’t want to know the answers to. Unfortunately she caught me at a time when I wasn’t ready to commit to one person and I think that’s what she was looking for. One day she showed up unannounced at my place while I was entertaining someone else. The next day she told me that she was moving on. There were no hard feelings and we continued to remain friends long after although I have not heard from her in almost a year. A mutual friend told me she was getting married and I’m happy for her. I know the guy she’s marrying and I think he’s a complete tool, but that’s just my opinion. Occasionally I miss Sarah and the sex we had. For whatever reason I was very protective of her after we split. The door will always be open if she needs me. Every time I hear “Maria, Maria” by Carlos Santana it reminds me of her and I smile. My cock also starts to get hard.


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