Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll  

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5/31/2005 1:55 pm

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Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll

Well I have covered two out of the three so far. Here’s a list of the drugs I have used in a recreational manner. I do not condone drug use and this not meant to romanticize or glorify the use of illegal substances. These are just my experiences.

Marijuana‒ I used to be a moderate pot smoker. I never got paranoid and enjoyed being high. I will go to my grave maintaining that I’ve heard new things while stoned and listening to music. I actively smoked pot from 17 to 22 when I got a job that required random drug testing. Pot just stayed in your system too long to risk it. I have mixed pot with liquid Tylenol containing Codeine for some trippy highs. Colors splashed whenever my fingers touched something. About a year ago I changed jobs and drug testing was no longer an issue. I snagged a joint from my neighbor and lit up for the first time in thirteen years. It was not what I remembered. Either I’ve romanticized the past or pot has gotten wickedly stronger. Whatever it was it left me with a feeling of being out of control and not being able to do anything about it.

Mushrooms ‒ Experimented with shrooms for about a month with good results. Altered my perception of things without feeling like I had lost control. Smoked them and made tea. Fair warning, the tea tastes like shit so add lots of honey or sugar. Shrooms can also make you nauseous and/or vomit. A little Pepto before hand seemed to alleviate that. The last time I did mushrooms was fifteen years ago.

Cocaine ‒ I really like good coke, not the bar-garbage that’s cut with speed or who knows what. I can see why people lose their lives to it. Me personally, I like sleeping too much to get wrapped up in it. I can do it once in awhile and not want to do more for a few years. However, if it is offered to me I will do it until it’s gone. A friend turned me onto the fact the two Vicodin before the planned festivities really takes the edge of the edginess and allows you to actually sleep that same night. The last time I did cocaine was four years ago.

Speed ‒ Not really my thing. I can generate enough stress in my life without any help. I could never figure out how people got hooked on this stuff. I tried it back in high school because a friend had copped some from his older brother. A couple of us took it before second period and were thoroughly miserable for the rest of the day. The last time I did speed was eighteen years ago.

Ritalin ‒ The first time someone told me that you could chop up Ritalin and snort it like cocaine, I though there were yanking my chain. However, curiosity got the best of me and I tried it. All I can say is that Ritalin is all of the fun parts of coke without all the crap that comes along later in the evening. You get that “bumped-up and euphoric” feeling without the compulsion to chase the high with the next line. It also doesn’t inspire you to stay up all night. The last time I did Ritalin was four years ago.

Oxycontin ‒ I don’t get this one at all. It did nothing for me. I tried it because every one was raving about it only to stand there with a “what’s the big deal?” look on my face. Total waste of time and money. The last time I did Oxycontin was four years ago.

I still drink. Sometimes more than others, but as I get older my hangovers seem to get worse. I like alcohol because there are no surprises. I know that “X-amount” of “X-alcohol” will produce ‘this effect”. I can grab a buzz or go on a bender. It’s all up to me and in my control.


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