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TattooedWolf 47M
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7/2/2005 11:40 am

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Musical musings.

While in the hospital, I decided it was a good time to finally sort through my MP3 player. I bought one thinking it would become an indispensable part of my life, loaded it up with songs and albums that I had not heard in years and promptly forgot about it. Since I was spending so much time at the hospital, it seemed to be a good time to put it to use. Some of the albums have stood the test of time. I have not heard Pink Floyd’s “The Final Cut” in almost fifteen years. Not only did I discover that I still like it, but the song writing and recording was phenomenal. On the other hand, when King’s X released “Faith, Hope, Love” I was all over it. If you had asked me then, I would have told you it was in my top ten all-time albums. Listening to it as I type this, it seems to have disappeared from the list.

Some albums that still do it for me ‒
Iron Maiden “Live After Death” ‒ I saw this tour. The album brings back fond memories.

Donald Fagan “The Nightfly” ‒ Highly polished Steely Dan. Good stuff.

Roger Waters “The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking” ‒ Rog drags us down once more into a dark, bizarre story with Arabs with knives at the foot of the bed. Eric Clapton plays guitar on this album and makes up for sucking on everything after Derek and The Dominos.

Genesis “Genesis” ‒ My first real exposure to Genesis. This album along with “Abacab” is all I really need from this outfit. Granted this was the beginning of the total sellout with songs like “Illegal Alien” and “That’s All”, but “Mama” and “Home By The Sea” still managed to cling to the Genesis roots.

Queensryche “Operation:Mindcrime” ‒ Prog-Metal opera. Finally the rest of the world caught on to what 80’s metal heads always new…Queensryche fucking kicked ass. Of course, after everyone caught on, the band promptly tanked. A friend of mine saw them last week with Judas Priest. He said both bands were equally good, but it is music from a certain point in time and maybe it’s better off to visit it instead of trying to re-live it.

Yes “91025” ‒ Another tour that I happened to catch. From here I discovered what Yes had been doing to the fifteen years prior to MTV. I remember the first time I heard “Roundabout” and I couldn’t figure out why marlins had come out of the sky and were just standing there. Years later I read the actual lyrics…”the mountains come out of the sky and they stand there”. Apparently Jon Anderson was looking out the window of his hotel room in Las Vegas when he wrote that line.

Some “what the fuck was I thinking?” albums ‒
Metal Church “The Dark” ‒ Mix Accept with Metallica and out comes Metal Church. Mediocre song writing over stolen guitar riffs. Ugh!

Yes “Big Generator” ‒ I blame MTV for breaking as many bands as they made. There are a couple of good songs here, but for the most part I think you lose something when you start writing songs with the video in mind.

Jon Astley “Everybody Loves the Pilot Except the Crew” ‒ A little lost on this one? “Jane’s Getting Serious” ring a bell? Everyone is allowed a clinker or two.

Planet P Project “Pink World” ‒ Fucking ponderous. Another rock opera about a boy who uses technology to threaten the world and make the human race wise up. Think Roger Waters “Radio K.A.O.S.”, but twice as long and twice as bad. Download “To Live Forever” and “What I See”, you’ll be good to go. Oh yeah, grab “Why Me?” from the first Planet P Project album. The rest is crap.


rockwriter58 56M
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7/7/2005 6:33 pm

Some nice choices here... Genesis... Yes...(although Big Generator is better than what you say here... just not as great as early Yes)... Steely Dan.

MTV is a problem however. That channel destroyed any real sense of what was happening with Live 8. I've ranted about it on my blog. I guess I'll have to wait for the DVD.

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